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Let us introduce the perfect sorority or fraternity for you - where you will make lifelong friends, discover a network of support and do meaningful work.

Zero in on your perfect matches

Stop wasting time and energy sifting through potential recruits who don't share your values. Start building long lasting relationships with ready-to-bid recruits.

Grow your Greek Life community

Find like-minded recruits with a simple search. Build quality relationships based on common interests.

Make meaningful connections

Connect on topics that matter. Improve communication with potential new members (PNMs), members and alumni.

What students are saying

Using the app, I was able to easily cut through the clutter and find the best fraternity that fit my personality and values.

Romario Osborne

member of FIJI

Before recruitment started, I was able to do my research and learn more about what Greek sororities offered and how they presented themselves.

Isolda Morales

member of gamma phi beta

Isolda Morales

member of gamma phi beta

I learned a great deal about Greek Life, and what fraternities on my campus had to offer. I felt the process very easy to learn and accept my bid. I feel very connected to my chapter and alumni network.

Colt Davis

member of zeta beta tau

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We can help you create the best Greek Xperience.

Managing a sorority or fraternity group? We can make it into an effortless experience. Want to be matched up with your ideal group? We help with that too!

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