Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a business major to rush a business fraternity. Investing your time in a business fraternity allows for tremendous networking opportunities. Business fraternities give students the necessary skills for their professional lives. They are a fantastic way to get involved, explore your career options, and get a headstart before graduating. If you’re thinking about rushing your school’s business fraternity, here’s what you should know. 

Why Choose a Business Fraternity?

Professional development begins before you even make your first career move. When choosing a business fraternity, you open yourself to limitless career avenues and professional opportunities. Students choose business fraternities as an investment in their success. Beyond coursework, volunteer work, and even pledge status, lies an institution built for your guaranteed success. The benefits of a business fraternity are countless. They’re especially perfect for career-driven students who want to get the most out of their college experience. Choosing a business fraternity means:

  • Creating long-lasting connections with fellow students and successful alumni 
  • Learning about your field of interest and getting acquainted with the professional world
  • Forging connections with employees from prominent startups or companies 
  • Honing your networking and interviewing abilities
  • Expanding and polishing your current resume
  • Building confidence, professionalism, and leadership skills 
  • Increasing your chances of landing an internship or job at an established agency or company

If this all sounds amazing to you, then you’re likely the perfect candidate for a business fraternity. Ready to jumpstart your professional development journey? Here’s what you should know in preparation for the rushing process.

Rushing a Business Fraternity 101

If you don’t know where to begin before rushing, you’re not alone. Rushing a business fraternity can feel intimidating at first! Luckily, these tips and tricks will help you make a lasting impression on the business fraternity of your choice.

Develop Your Networking Skills

This goes without saying, but it’s a fact. Throughout the recruitment process, you’ll have to talk to dozens of people. Make it a point to remember names and faces. Exchange your contact information with the members you’re looking to impress. Be friendly, listen attentively, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Attend Every Event

Go to all of the events hosted by your organization of choice. Not only are you making your face known to members, but you’re also vetting potential fraternities. Attending every event gives you a chance to get to know different business organizations. It’s also a keen way to demonstrate your interest in the fraternity.

Talk to the Members

This goes hand-in-hand with sharp networking skills. When you finally land on an organization that fits your needs, get to know the members. When members start recognizing your face and remembering your name, you’re more likely to get recruited. Get to know each member, be genuine, and make a positive first impression.

Do Your Part and Do Your Research

When you stand out to the organization’s members, you’ll likely get recruited for an interview. When preparing for your interview, make sure to do your part. Vigilantly research the fraternity’s history, values, and specific goals. Be prepared to share the reasons you’re interested in their business fraternity. Worry less about answering questions “correctly,” and worry more about answering honestly.

Be Confident and Be Yourself 

As with any rushing process, simply be yourself! The more you honestly share about your experiences, background, and career goals, the more an organization gets to know you. Don’t try to fit into the fraternity, but rather, see what fraternity fits best for you.

Rush Fraternities that Help You Reach Your Goals

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