For many Greek students, summertime means packing up their room and heading home with freedom from studying and responsibilities. For others, stay on campus and carry on with chapter tasks for the summer.

Over the summer, being a member of Greek life means you are still holding yourself to a higher standard.

Whether you’re at home in a different state or in an apartment off-campus, the location doesn’t matter. As a member of any Greek organization, you should be acting in a way that your brothers or sisters would be proud of.

What is Greek Life Like When School Is Out?

Depending on the university you attend, and if you live on or off-campus, Greek life may be like a smaller version of what you’re familiar with doing during the school year.

On some college campuses, sorority houses stay open for members living there for the summer. On other campuses, members get apartments on or off-campus, typically living with other fraternity or sorority members.

As for Greek activities and events, summer is a slow time for Greek life. There isn’t a weekly chapter meeting or organized social events with other frats and sororities. However, those who remain on campus or in town will likely spend as much time together as possible.

Those who hold positions within their chapter may have summertime responsibilities to work on, like planning Recruitment for the fall. Recruitment is a massive part of the fall semester for most Greek organizations. And for some chapters that hold a spring Rush, it can be a year-long event.

Some executive board members will attend their organization’s national convention with other members and advisors for a week of networking, learning, and brainstorming.

 The organization holds national conventions where the headquarters are located. Hence, most members have to travel to attend and spend the better part of a week learning more about their organization’s inner workings. They also and history and developing skills as leaders in the community and the workforce.

What is Greek Life in College Like Over Summer?

If you’re staying on campus or in housing nearby for the summer, it’s important to remember that PNMs will be on campus all summer.

They’ll be attending first-year orientation, visiting campus and various buildings with their families. They’ll also probably hanging out in the popular spots to get a feel of their future home.

While formal recruitment doesn’t begin until the fall, it can’t hurt to be a presence on campus and meet as many incoming students as you can.

Wear your letters and encourage students to explore all the clubs and activities on campus, including Greek life, if it’s something they are interested in. Give a broad explanation of what Greek life is all about. Don’t just talk specifically about your chapter — and speak positively about all the organizations on campus.

It’s not your job to get incoming students to sign up for recruitment… But there will be plenty of time for that once school starts!

For now, if you can show up at the Student Union with a few friends (bonus points if they’re from other chapters!) to paint Greek Life in a positive light, that’s the best thing you can do for your chapter all summer.

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