Within every fraternity and sorority, there is an executive board made up of active members of the chapter who work together as a governing body to regulate the chapter’s rules and regulations. The executive committee ensures the chapter runs smoothly, meets financial, personal, and educational requirements, and is in good standing with the university and the organization’s national board.

Standard executive boards usually include a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social chair, Personnel chair, Philanthropy chair, New Member Educator, Recruitment chair, and more, depending on the chapter. 

Why Fraternities & Sororities Need a New Member Educator

The primary role of the New Member Educator is to educate and inspire the incoming pledge class to uphold the current chapter’s standards, ideals, and principles. Understandably, the New Member Educator should be a model chapter member who displays exemplary conduct and feels a responsibility and ownership of educating pledges. 

New Member Education varies from chapter to chapter, but it’s designed to teach the fundamentals of being a valuable sorority or fraternity member. 

This education typically includes information on the chapter’s customs, traditions, influential figures within the chapter, and general information. 

For new members who have just joined an organization, their pledgeship (the time before they become initiated and are considered “active”) is a time to learn about the sorority or fraternity they wish to join. The education they receive during this period lays the groundwork for the foundation of a successful chapter member. 

What Should New Members Do?

Fraternities encourage new members to reach out to the New Member Educator if they need help or support with anything during their pledgeship. This can include accessing campus resources, studying, or academic support. It might also mean being a shoulder to lean on if they are homesick or struggling. 

The New Member Educator becomes commonly known as “Pledge Mom”. They should support and comfort new pledges as they navigate the new organization.

They will generally establish relationships with the new members and help guide them through the initial phase of belonging to a sorority or fraternity.

Similarly, fraternities will always have a brother take on the role of a New Member Educator. These brothers become responsible for helping new brothers become familiar with their new fraternity. 

Once the fraternity initiates the new class, the Pledge Mom or brother becomes another friend in the chapter. They may check in with new initiates to see how they are doing. They also often help in any way that they can to make the new pledges feel more comfortable and welcome. 

How to Elevate the New Member Education Process

Traditionally, the New Member Educator meets with new members or pledges weekly. Basically, they teach different parts of the chapter’s creed, history, and ideals. In a sorority, the New Member Educator plays a pivotal role in the initial experience for new members. 

A New Member Educator also educates active members on how to become upstanding members of the chapter and the university. 

Oftentimes, the chapter may rely on the New Member Educator for recruitment. This often includes how to recruit ideal individuals with goals that match the organization. 

Additionally, the new Member Educator may assign chapter members to help out new members weekly. In fact, many sororities do this leading up to Big/ Little Reveal. That way, new members can meet and hang out with as many active members as possible. As a result, this makes choosing their Big much easier. 

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