One largely untapped resource within the Greek life community is the chapter advisors. Every fraternity or sorority has multiple advisors they can utilize for help across a wide range of topics. Their level of involvement varies across chapters, but ultimately they are willing and able to support your leadership team. You’re probably realizing now that this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.


Being a fraternity or sorority member takes time and effort, often more than you anticipated when you first pledged. But being on the executive board is a whole other level of commitment and time. From late-night meetings to hosting recruitment events to participating in philanthropy to simply spending time with other members, there is always something to do. And all of that’s is on top of your classes, studying and other extracurriculars.


If you’re a leader within your chapter, then you know this all too well. The to-do lists are long and time is short. Even if you build the best team on your university campus and leverage technology resources, certain aspects simply need additional help. You can’t do it all alone, and you’re not supposed to. This is when you get to use your Greek chapter advisors. 


How To Use Your Chapter Advisors?


Here are five ways on how to utilize your chapter advisors and why you need to do so more often.  


1. Take Advantage of Their Experience 

Your chapter advisors have more experience than you do in all things related to your fraternity or sorority. Not only have they been through this before as advisors, but many of them were in similar roles while active members as well.


Their experiences can serve as lessons and a foundation for you. Whether that be things to do or things to avoid, it’s always helpful to draw upon the past as you look to build a future. Ask your advisors for their advice and seek out their counsel when making decisions big and small. They will be able to guide you on making the right one.


2. Appreciate Their Willingness to Help

One incredible thing about your advisors, among many, is that they are doing this voluntarily. They have responsibilities at work and home, yet are selflessly giving up their time to aid your chapter’s development. A commitment like theirs proves they are looking out for your chapter and pushing for it to succeed.


This dedication is admirable and not something to take for granted. It’s usually a somewhat thankless role that can bring frustration at times. They are able to help you by the simple fact that they are willingly there for you.  Use the access that you have to your chapter advisors by building relationships with them. Those relationships can help you in your future career endeavors. In fact, while it’s fresh on your mind, shoot a quick note to your advisors thanking them for all they do.


3. Let Them Help You Succeed

It can be misconstrued that chapter advisors are there to discipline or be the watchful eye. But that’s often not the case. More than anything, your advisors want your chapter to succeed and positively impact the lives of your members.


They likely had a wonderful experience of their own being a fraternity or sorority member and want others to experience that. Inviting them into decisions will only benefit you. And truthfully, advisors acting as disciplinarians is not a bad thing either. They are adults with a wider view of the consequences or risks at hand, so make sure you take their recommendations seriously.


4. Use Their Necessary Outside Perspective

Ultimately, your advisors are older and wiser than you. They offer an outside perspective that you need. It’s easy to get tunnel vision when so deeply dedicated and involved within an organization.


Advisors have the benefit of not only having past experiences but also outside experiences that can provide value in making decisions. Whether that be in deciding upon a philanthropy event or how to best utilize valuable technology like GreekXperience for recruitment, their opinions are important and valid.


5. Gain From the Benefits Beyond Greek Life

In addition to all their support for your fraternity or sorority’s endeavors, advisors can also be a huge asset in developing your plans for the future. They have a network beyond yours that is comprised of business professionals already established in their careers.


Nowadays, it’s all about who you know and tapping into those individuals to make connections and shape your own career path. Being a part of a fraternity is already a strong line on your resume. You’ll only gain more value by tapping into who you know. Consider asking your advisor to review your resume or connect you with alumnae from their graduating class in your field.


If you’re looking for additional resources to help handle all your chapter responsibilities, contact GreekXperience today.