When you join a fraternity or sorority, you are also making an investment into your future as a professional. The friendships, connections, and life skills that you develop can impact you significantly. You’ll especially notice this when you begin transitioning from college student to college graduate. Not only will you have access to numerous networking connections made available only to greek life students. But you’ll also discover who you are as an individual through the positive work that you do. 

One way to gain important life skills that you’ll use after graduating, as well as help your fraternity or sorority stand out among the masses, is to participate in philanthropy. Keep reading to learn exactly what philanthropy is, and how it can help in your future life as a professional.

Philanthropy Definition and How It’s Different From Charity

When most people hear the term “philanthropy,” they immediately think of charity. Both involve raising funds for the purpose of benefiting less-fortunate individuals and groups. However, philanthropy deals with creating long-lasting solutions. Giving a houseless person money for food and shelter would be an example of charity. Hosting a fundraiser for a new shelter that provides a number of basic human needs is an example of philanthropy. Essentially, philanthropy is the act of instituting the steps required for lasting change. 

College Philanthropy Ideas That Will Help Elevate Your Greek Life Experience 

The following philanthropy ideas will enable you to see the value of helping others, and in a way that is fun and helps promote your sorority or fraternity:

Raffles: Hosting raffles is a fun and lucrative way to jump-start your chapter’s philanthropy efforts. You’ll charge every attendee for the chance to win quality prizes, trips, or some other type of reward or recognition. This way, you can easily earn a substantial amount of money to go towards fundraising. 

Marathons: Marathons a great way to raise money for philanthropy. And, they also allow chapter members the opportunity to create lasting bonds with one another. You will need to require that every individual pays a fee for participating in the marathon, of course. However, once the event begins, it will feel much more like a fun, competitive outing than a fundraiser. 

Carnivals and Other Events: Try hosting a carnival or some other event in your chapter’s name!. You can spread awareness about your sorority or fraternity in addition to raising money for a good cause. With a carnival, you can appoint members to oversee various booths, games, and other activities. And, by charging participants a fee for each event, you can easily rack up a significant amount of donations for your chapter’s charity.

Auctions: Who doesn’t love the excitement and uncertainty of a good auction? The great thing about hosting an auction for your chapter is that there really is no limit to the amount of money you can raise. Depending on the type of prize, you could see enthusiastic participants bid high amounts of money for no other reason than the spirit of philanthropy. 

Help Your Fraternity or Sorority Stand Out With GreekXperience

By incorporating these examples of fundraisers for the purpose of promoting philanthropy, you can help your fraternity or sorority make a positive impact on the world. Also, understanding the importance of helping those that are less fortunate than yourself is imperative for leading a fulfilling and purposeful life after graduation. 

At GreekXperience, we offer all inclusive solutions for finding, implementing, and managing sororities and fraternities that best showcase your interests. 

To learn more about our services and pricing, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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