The sun is finally peeking through the clouds, ultimate frisbee is breaking out on the quad, and flowers are blooming everywhere. The campus is truly buzzing with joy and excitement for summer break.  While you prepare for finals and look ahead to summer internships, don’t forget to prepare for fall recruitment. This summer is the perfect time to assess, revamp, and manage your Greek chapter recruitment tactics for the upcoming year. Fraternities and sororities should use this time for planning and initial outreach to PNMs for a successful year ahead. Whether formal or ongoing recruitment, there are always areas in which to improve.

What Are the Best Greek Recruitment Tactics This Summer?


During the summer maximize your upcoming Greek life recruitment with these five fresh tactics.


1. Write Your Story

Over the summer you have the opportunity to reflect on your story of why you chose your sorority or fraternity. It’s important to practice telling your own story and have personal answers to any questions that PNMs may ask. If you have a strong elevator speech then you are more likely to engage others and open the door for a strong, engaging discussion. Your story will likely evolve each year after new experiences so it’s important to refine it every summer. Think through some of these questions to prepare for conversations with PNMs.


    • What makes your chapter special to you?
    • Why did you choose your chapter?
    • What is your favorite part of being a member of your chapter?
    • What experiences are unique to only your chapter?

2. Refresh Your Recruitment

Regardless of if you serve on the executive board or not, you have the ability to shape your chapter’s recruitment. Look back on the past year and think through what worked, what didn’t work, when did you see the most success and what complaints did members raise throughout the process. This could be anything from the food we served at the barbecue wasn’t very good to we need a better process for tracking event attendance.


For an even deeper look, use GreekXperience to view data on the entire student population at your school to understand interests and demographics to ensure your recruitment is reaching the right individuals. Stepping away from campus and the everyday grind of school will give you a new, clear perspective. After reflecting, share these thoughts with leaders in the chapter for implementation into next year’s recruitment.


3. Scope Out PNMs

The summer is a perfect time to connect with PNMs who might be rushing in the coming year. If you are spending your summer back in your hometown, connect with younger individuals you know from high school who are attending your school. If you will be in another city, seek out those at your workplace who plan on going through recruitment at your school. It can be as simple as grabbing a coffee or inviting them to a game of pickup. Building these connections in the summer can lay a strong foundation for the coming fall recruitment period.


4. Maximize Freshmen Time on Campus

Your fraternity or sorority house will likely have students staying throughout the summer to take classes or work, which opens up the opportunity for informal recruitment gatherings. The best time to do so is during freshmen orientation as the campus will be buzzing with students excited and anxious to start their college career. Host an open house during the weekend of orientation that gives them a taste of what Greek life is like.


Hosting an open house is a great opportunity for upperclassmen to welcome PNMs into the house and make them feel right at home on campus before the year even starts. Before you plan anything, confirm that an open house during this time is in compliance with IFC. If so, maximize the time with freshmen on campus and start making valuable connections.


5. Relax and Recharge

Summer is a great time to plan for the year ahead, but it is still summer. You deserve to take time away from campus and your everyday craziness to truly relax. Spend time with family, go on road trips, play volleyball on the beach. Allow yourself to unplug and you will come back to campus feeling rejuvenated and excited about the year ahead.


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