Many students join Greek Life because they are looking for a way to fit in and make friends in college. They start school and are swarmed by people encouraging them to “Go Greek!” but may not realize the lifelong benefits and connections they can truly make. One of those benefits? Access to alumni who can help them along their career path. 

Go Beyond Your Chapter 

Students are told they need to have their careers determined while they are in school and are encouraged to declare a major. Then, too often, just having the degree is not enough, or people realize they don’t actually want to do what they went to school for. So how exactly does Greek Life benefit its brothers and sisters in their career paths? This answer is quite simple. When you join a fraternity or sorority, your brothers or sisters are not just the ones in your chapter. You gain brothers and sisters all over the country, including those who are currently active, just graduated, or graduated several years ago–and they are willing to help each other. 

Utilize Your Greek Life Network

Nowadays, networking is essential in many businesses. This also applies to Greek Life–both during and after college. For some, social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn are the perfect place to network. For others, attending local or national Greek events can help them land a career. Even if you do not know a brother or sister personally, being part of the brotherhood or sisterhood means other alumni are usually willing to connect with you and help you. 

Through networking, recent graduates are able to locate jobs they may not have previously found, and others may find fields they had no idea they were interested in. Perhaps a brother is able to help another come up with a career plan, or a sister introduces another to a friend whose place of work is hiring. With so many opportunities for connections, the possibilities are endless. Joining a social media alumni group and striking up a conversation can help propel your career in unimaginable ways.

Your Brothers/Sisters Want to Help

Perhaps your interest lies in entrepreneurship, but you have no idea how to get started. Reach out to your Greek Life network! You can easily contact someone who runs their own business successfully and is willing to offer help or advice. Those who are involved in Greek Life do not see their brothers or sisters as competitors; rather, they help each other to reach their goals. They want to see you succeed and will often do what they can to help, whether that means offering advice themselves or getting you in touch with someone else who can. 

While college does prepare you for work, sometimes your career path can still feel unclear. Other alumni are a great resource to help propel your career forward. If you’re uncertain how to get in touch with other alumni, GreekXperience is a great place to start your Greek Life networking journey.


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