Fraternity recruitment is right around the corner. After that, you’ll have to engage in voting on Potential New Members. For some chapters, fraternity voting after recruitment can feel like a chore because of how long it takes. Lucky for you, there are ways to speed up the process, so you get more of your time back to enjoy the rest of your day or weekend.  


How to speed up fraternity voting after recruitment? The three main ways to speed up fraternity voting are:

1. Have a vision

2. Use online voting

3. Use a fraternity enhancement platform


When it comes to speeding up the fraternity voting process, you need to hone in on the aspects that are slowing it down. Creating a faster voting process will make your active members happier because they won’t have to spend so much of their free time on it. Remember, college students have busy lives. It is in your fraternity’s best interest to value the time of its members. That, in itself, will increase your active member retention. 


Read on for more details on ways to speed up your fraternity voting process. 


How To Speed Up Fraternity Voting?


Below are three main ways to speed up your fraternity voting after recruitment!


1. Have a Vision 

A lot of the time, what ends up being a significant bottleneck in the voting process is the lack of vision a fraternity has for its new member class. Active members are often not on the same page about what they are looking for in a potential new member (PNM). Then, when voting comes around, there are deep divides about who to accept and who not to accept. This leads to more extended discussions, and once again, longer voting time.


If you want to nip this in the bud from the start, you need to have a meeting before recruitment discussing what kind of PNM the fraternity is looking for. Every active member should have an idea of who the “perfect” member for your particular fraternity would be. And that idea should be uniform across the chapter. That idea won’t be uniform if you don’t spell it out for people.


You should also make sure that members have a tangible guideline to follow when recruiting. For example, you want members to think about some of the following:

  • What will this PNM contribute to the fraternity?
  • What was this PNM’s involvement in activities during high school, or what have they been participating in during their college years so far?
  • How do the PNM’s hobbies align with what your fraternity needs?


People need to be giving concrete pros and cons when voting to avoid long-winded discussions with no real sense of direction. A con such as, “I just didn’t like his vibe,” can rile people up because it is too subjective. That one phrase can cause an hour-long discussion that isn’t necessary. Furthermore, accepting or rejecting someone based on their “vibe” isn’t going to help your fraternity in any concrete way. 


2. Vote Online

Another thing that your fraternity should be doing is voting online. Some fraternities still count votes by having people raise their hands. Others have members place their votes on paper ballots. Both of these ways are ineffective in a world of technology where people can vote online, and results are calculated instantly.


You don’t need your E-board calculating the votes. With online voting, you also won’t have the human error that comes with hand-counting them. 


Therefore, if you aren’t already, it is imperative that you use online voting.


3. Use a Fraternity Enhancement Platform

This last point goes back to voting online. To get the most of voting online, you should utilize an effective fraternity platform to enhance your voting. With the right software, not only can you rate members, but you can also customize voting. Members can even vote from their phones!


Doing this will streamline the voting process immensely. Not only that, but it will help with increasing active member retention and improving the recruitment process overall. 


Nowadays, you have so much technology at your fingertips that it would be a shame not to take advantage of that during voting. 


Wrapping Up

Now you know how to speed up your fraternity’s voting process after recruitment. As long as you guide your fraternity with a vision for what the future of fraternity membership should look like and set guidelines for what active members should be looking for, you’ll already be on your way to a smoother, more cohesive voting process. Additionally, the days of hand-counting votes are outdated. Utilize online voting and a fraternity management platform like GreekXperience to improve your voting process.


With GreekXperience, you can rate potential new members and customize your voting. Make sure to connect your campus with GreekXperience, so you can utilize their platform for your next post-recruitment voting. Hands down, it’s one of the best ways to improve your fraternity chapter!