As a new college student, it’s important to spend time defining what you’re looking for on your journey. One thing to note is how much easier the experience becomes once you locate the right community in the fraternities.

With this in mind, joining a fraternity may be the pursuit for you! When deciding to join Greek life, take a moment to consider what the most popular fraternities are. Why do they boast such strong reputations? Follow along for more information on well-known fraternities to consider in your search!

Top Pick Fraternities

While you explore your options, there will be some names you’ll hear quite a bit. This is a good sign and makes it clear which fraternities other incoming pledges are most fond of. Look to your peers for support in your search and consider what they have to say about different fraternities. Here are just a few fraternity chapters to consider as you explore your options!

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha is one of the largest fraternities. Some of the organization’s core values include integrity, strong morals, and intellectual character. This chapter was started at the University of Virginia in 1868 and is often referred to as Pike.  

Pi Kappa Alpha is a fraternal organization that prides itself on academic rigor and success. Most members maintain a high grade point average, carrying out challenging curricular activities and interests. If you’re in search of a chapter that maintains strong moral character and success, Pi Kappa Alpha could be the fraternity for you.

Alpha Phi Alpha

Founded in 1906 at Cornell University, Alpha Phi Alpha is a fraternity with proud cultural roots. This chapter was the first Greek letter fraternity for African American men, achieving new heights for the black community. Students saw the need for a diversified fraternal organization that sought a change in Greek life. 

Rooted in its origin, Alpha Phi Alpha maintains strong ethics in social, economic, educational, and political equity. Alpha Phi Alpha dedicates itself to serving black men in the Greek life sphere, as well as breaking barriers in society. This fraternity has much to be proud of. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Founded at Wesleyan University in 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has a long-standing lineage of brothers. If you’re looking for a chapter committed to personal development and the well-being of others, look no further. Tau Kappa Epsilon is known for its core values of love, support, and well-rounded character. 

This fraternity is for individuals interested in supporting their community. Tau Kappa Epsilon maintains a strong focus on social life, charity action, and a dedication to moral character. You won’t find a better fit if you’re someone focused on supporting moral development for yourself and your peers. 

Find Community and Collaboration for Fraternities and Sororities 

These are just a few well-known fraternity organizations to reference in your search. Once you find your chapter, you open the door to new levels of character development and community support. Know that Greek organizations aim to support a wide variety of causes. This means supporting the interests of wide community needs, including both fraternities and sororities.

Make room for collaboration and work together to create the Greek experience you would wish for all your peers. When fraternities and sororities work together, you learn to widen the scope of support and develop a well-rounded community. This will take you and other chapters to new heights no matter what efforts you wish to pursue. 

Finding the right Fraternity encompasses a wide range of components to consider. While you continue learning about the process, let GreekXperience be a newly added tool in your tool belt. Take a look at our About Page to learn how we can support you in your search today!

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