College is a stepping stone toward a career and the rest of life. Contrary to how movies usually portray college life, it’s not all about drunken parties and revelry. Students are there to learn. Fraternities and sororities offer students a chance to study and live life alongside like-minded individuals. 

Most Greek life chapters require a minimum grade point average to join and stay a member, encouraging students to continue trying their best. College life studies show that campus involvement can lead to better performance academically and increases the chances of earning a degree. 

Greek life helps students make the most out of their time in college, including by taking advantage of the time spent in a fraternity or sorority. Life in college isn’t always easy, but Greek organizations provide ways to help their members be the best they can. Here are five tips to make the most out of Greek life in college. 

Take Advantage of Leadership Opportunities

Fraternities and sororities are student-led organizations. Depending on the group, leadership positions are by semester or by year. Each position provides different, real-world experiences allowing members to grow in leadership and discover skills they didn’t know they had. 

These opportunities not only benefit the Greek life organizations by keeping them running smoothly, but they also benefit students. Companies are more likely to look a little closer at a resume with leadership experience. It also is a great way to empower students and make them believe in themselves. 

Treat Fellow Members Like a Second Family

Having a good support system can make all the difference between success and failure. Greek life provides a wide network of friends who want to see each member succeed. Every person has a unique niche. Members hold each other up and treat each other like family, sharing resources to benefit everyone. Those relationships last long past college and are the basis for both social and business networks in the future.  

Take Advantage of Academic Help

Fraternities and sororities provide mentors for freshmen and sophomore members to help guide them in their first years. Older students’ valuable insight and support are integral to helping manage the heavy workload of balancing college and life. Some organizations provide time management seminars, organize study groups, and keep study files full of class notes and flashcards. Greek life tries to promote excellence in schools, so it is in their best interest to help each member succeed. 

Give Back

The core value of most Greek life organizations is community service. Fraternities and sororities pick a cause or charity to support, commit to fundraising, and provide physical volunteer hours. Most chapters also require a minimum number of community service hours. 

Volunteer hours go beyond learning leadership through service and the benefits of giving back to the community. This gives students another opportunity to build relationships and explore career options they might not have been exposed to otherwise. Voluntary community service is also very appealing to potential employers. 

Connect with Alumni

Previous Greek life members can offer a wealth of information. Contacting the president of the local alumni group is a great way to arrange a meeting between current members and alumni. They can provide helpful advice and it’s always fun to hear how Greek life used to look. These connections can also help members cultivate relationships for future networking opportunities. 

Navigating college life is already difficult, and it’s even harder when you do it alone. GreekXperience can help you find a network of lifelong friends and support by taking the guesswork out of picking the perfect college sorority or fraternity for you. Visit our GreekXperience website and find your best match today!


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