Joining a fraternity or sorority is an advantageous opportunity for any undergraduate student. Members reap the benefits of comradery, brotherhood, sisterhood, and community. While this experience is typically depicted on campus, alternative options are equally as viable and not all that uncommon. Living somewhere else while participating in Greek life is a pathway that may be the perfect fit for you.

Maybe you’re a pledge exploring your options, or possibly an established fraternity member seeking change. Whatever your stance, there are many elements of off campus living to consider. Continue reading to learn about living off campus while participating in Greek life.

Pros of Off Campus Housing 

A major takeaway for Greek life members living off campus is their access to freedom. On-campus housing provides various rules and regulations to abide by, which becomes optional if you take your housing elsewhere. As you navigate the search for other housing, consider the newfound flexibility in your choices. This can include:

  • The choice to maintain a dry house (a house free of alcohol)
  • Establishing housekeeping requirements 
  • A commitment to healthy meal plans or options
  • And even regulations on furniture and decor

These freedoms come in many forms. While there are still rules related to your organization, off campus housing creates fluidity in these specific housing decisions. Affordability, privacy, and exception to general on-campus restrictions could be preferable necessities in your fraternity experience.

Choosing Off Campus Apartments

If living with your chapter on or off campus doesn’t appeal to your needs, you can always live solo. There are no rules that require you to live at the house of your sorority or fraternity. Living on campus is merely an option. The good news is you can choose off campus apartments as an alternative.

There’s nothing wrong with participating in Greek life while living alone off campus. Take time to consider locality, meal options, and budgeting. Living off-campus means you may have to opt-out of certain conveniences. If you consider yourself timely and responsible, this may not be a hassle for you!

Financial Affordability With Off Campus Housing

Off campus housing can save you a pretty penny and is considerably more affordable! Living at your chapter comes with the hefty cost of annual housing dues. If you have a tight budget for the semester, living off-campus may be the way to go.

Living off campus doesn’t just lower your cost of housing. This shift helps free up your budget in other areas. With your housing budget reduced, you’re left with extra cash for on-campus activities and events, as well as saving additional money. This can be a win-win when it comes to having a fun, stress-free school year as a fraternity or sorority member.

Find Your Fit

Whether you’re in the fraternity house or not, a successful year at school is waiting for you. Make sure to check in with yourself about what feels right. Are you looking for a more local, and convenient experience in your chapter’s house? Or are you seeking more independence and freedom for yourself and other members in a house or apartment? You may even prefer a solo apartment. 

Remind yourself that no two people are the same, and what works for others may not work for you! Forging a unique path is completely okay, especially when it means finding comfortable housing. There is no shortage of options when it comes to living on or off campus as a Greek life member. 

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