So, you’re ready to join a sorority, huh? Awesome! The choice to go Greek in itself signifies an array of morals, values, and qualities in young women who aim to serve something greater than themselves. This acts as an indicator in itself that sororities will recognize you as someone who wants to make a positive impact on the community.

For decades, sororities have served as groups of like-minded, driven, and determined women who strive to make a difference. An application to a sorority in itself is enough to indicate that you want to make a big splash in college, and make big, positive contributions to those around you!

However, there are a few key things which sororities look for in new members. Understanding these key indicators of someone who will be the right fit will ultimately help you determine if Greek life is right for you!

What Do Sororities Look For?

During a sorority rush, members often look for individuals who represent the morals, values, and beliefs of the group. But, there’s no need to panic! This is a fun and exciting process, as well as a memorable time for applicants and members alike! Here are a few of the things sororities look for in new members who want to join them:

1. Passion

This is where it can be determined whether or not someone is determined or devoted to causes. Passion, regarding anything, signifies that you have a burning desire within you that will serve you well not only in a sorority, but throughout your lifetime. Those who exhibit passion in their tone and actions are much more likely to go Greek during a sorority rush. 

2. Strong Values

Having strong values that you hold yourself to indicates that you do not sway from your understanding of right and wrong. Having the right values, and holding on to them throughout your life is key not only in the sorority recruitment process, but throughout life as well. 

3. Commitment

This is probably the greatest and most influential indicator that someone is ready to do good for their community. “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Renowned comic book writer Stan Lee was famous for creating dialogue that touches on the importance of commitment to a cause. The most influential women in history were and are devoted to causes that serve the greater good, much like a superhero.

Sororities will seek out those who are committed to their underlying morals, values, and beliefs. If you are always committed to anything you find yourself doing or taking part in, you’re going to have amazing chances of being accepted into a sorority. 

4. Individuality

Does everyone bring something different to the table? What separates you from the rest of the pack? Undoubtedly, it’s something spectacular. Don’t be afraid to signify the things you like and dislike when meeting your future sorority sisters. Greek life is an assortment of individuals who seek something greater, not cookie-cutter young women who all have matching personalities, likes, and dislikes. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Everyone has something that makes them special, so show your future sisters what makes you unique!

5. Those Seeking Friendship

Sororities stand for sisterhood. Not only are these groups composed to find success and help the community, but they also aim to provide a sense of belonging to those who may feel like they are on the outside looking in. It can be hard going to a new place, sleeping in a new bed, and being far away from home. Every college student knows this, which is why sororities in particular look for those who need a friend. It’s time to find yours!

You Have All the Tools!

You are ready for sorority recruitment! Now it’s time to make it happen! The fact that you made or are in the process of making an effort to join a sorority will serve you well as you participate in sorority rush. Sororities love those who put themselves out there and indicate that they want to implement their passion, values, commitment, individuality, and yearning for friendship into something greater than themselves. 

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