If you ever watched Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, Old School, or Accepted, chances are you may think fraternities are just party houses. Fraternities are popular settings in college-focused films, but the reality of Greek life is greater than fiction. Films don’t stay accurate to a specific college fraternity or Greek fraternity life as a whole. If they did, you would see a different side of the story. In reality, the true purpose of fraternities can be inspiring. Just look to their community work and outreach, comradery and connections. Fraternities are also about brotherly love and support, and an emphasis on academic achievement. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to college fraternities.

At a Glance

Joining a fraternity connects new and transferring students to a larger network of fellow students, alumni, and campus organizations. This home away from home can have a tremendously positive effect on those students transitioning to campus living. The origin of Greek fraternities—and sororities—are rooted in Greek principles. These principles embody aspects like contribution to worthy community causes and valuing academic success. Greek organizations create ongoing programs for achievement both in and outside of school. These goals and services vary from house to house. So, it’s easy for students to find the best fraternities to fit their own ambitions and intentions.

Emphasis on Academia

Academic life can accompany different challenges for each member of the chapter. Fraternities deeply value academic excellence. This is because they want their brothers to achieve anything they set their minds to. Meeting scholastic standards is important for every chapter, as a member’s success can directly reflect the chapter they represent. That is why you will find various achievement incentives and academic recognition programs. In addition, fraternities offer ongoing support to help members reach their educational goals.

Looking to Leaders

Chapter or council officer positions within fraternities pave the way for leadership development every day. When members get to participate in national or regional leadership conferences, and campus-based leadership opportunities, they are training for future management etiquette when they graduate. Participating in chapter or committee involvement sets members up for collaboration fluency in professional settings. These skills can serve them for a lifetime.

Changing the World

Fraternities often prioritize community outreach and philanthropic events. They’re encouraged to give back to their campus, surrounding community, and the world at large. Brothers are no strangers to fundraisers. They will often rally around organizations both on- and off-campus that need help or further development. These are the moments that set lifelong habits of giving back in place for fraternity members. Meanwhile, fraternity brothers enjoy leaving a positive impact on their surrounding communities.

Brothers for Life

There is friendship, but then there are bonds of brotherhood. Friends will always be there to support and encourage you through growth and challenges. Brothers are there to provide mentorship, broaden a sense of community, ensure a home away from home, and promote achievement. When a brother achieves, the fraternity does, too. Building these connections is not just about making friends on campus. Rather, it’s about making lifelong connections built to last after graduation day.

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