Joining Greek life as a senior not only provides students with knowledge that will benefit them as they enter the workforce, it offers a year of unforgettable moments that will be cherished throughout their lifetime. Joining a sorority house or fraternity house in college isn’t limited to freshmen. Seniors can also make the most of their final year in college by experiencing all of the wonders and benefits that Greek life has to offer.

When you go Greek, you learn an abundance of lessons and skills that prepare you for the obstacles that life will throw your way. You’ll also have a strong network of like-minded individuals that you can rely on throughout your life. Greek life teaches the values of commitment, confidence, and reliance, which serve as the foundation for cultivating a life worth living. There are so many reasons why joining greek life is beneficial for young adults. Here are 10:

1. Go to Fun Events

It’s no secret that any fraternity and sorority knows how to have a good time. From mixers to classy formals, you’ll have the pleasure of making the most of your college experience and making memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll also get to be a part of many activities throughout the year, in which you can bond and network with like-minded people!

2. Networking Opportunities

When you go Greek, doors fly open! Joining a sorority house or a fraternity house guarantees a variety of networking opportunities that will serve you well as you start down your desired career path. Not only will you get to network with the members of your sorority or fraternity, you will be able to network with local alumni! Alumni can play crucial roles in giving recommendations for internships or jobs in the future.  

3. Meet New People

More often than not, people find life-long friends when they go greek. Being around like-minded individuals all the time is a recipe for developing memories that bring people together. It can feel difficult and stressful to build friendships in college with coursework and extracurricular activities. But, when you go Greek, you’ll be spending a lot of time with fun, motivated, and personable people that you’ll love to bond with!

4. Rock Greek Apparel

Like representing your High School, but better! If you’re tired of rocking High School or college apparel, you’ll love the unique designs of greek house apparel. Not only will you kill ‘em with style, you’ll be repping a good cause!

5. Make Friends

You’ll always have someone to lean on for even the smallest things. These relationships will blossom into life-long friendships as you build fond memories with your Greek brothers and sisters. Greek life doesn’t end after college; it truly is for life. 

6. Build Your Resume

When you go Greek, there are many ways to get involved and make an impact on an organization. This breeds a multitude of things to put on your resume! Joining Greek life is a fun and lively way to build your resume while making the most out of your final year in school!

7. Share Experiences

Experiences are just plain better when they’re shared with the people that you care about. Greek life teaches the importance of friendship (among other things), and allows you to build lasting memories and relationships with those that you spend the majority of your time with. 

8. Find a Home Away From Home

It can be scary to leave home for the first time, especially for four years. That’s why it’s important to build a support network of friends and colleagues with similar values that will serve as your home away from home. Home is where the heart is, and you’ll find a lot of heart in your Greek brothers and sisters. Greek life always aims to be inclusive, and help everyone involved feel that they belong. 

9. Give Back to the Community

The greatest thing about Greek life in terms of its impact on the community is that you’ll actually be able to see the tangible effects that you and your brothers and sisters have on the campus community. The Greek system is the largest network of volunteers in the US, donating over 10 million in service hours each year. 

10. Build Your Confidence

Greek life helps instill confidence in students by teaching them the importance of giving back, setting goals, accomplishing tasks, and being there for those who need it most. Fulfillment and pride regarding a job well done is one of the keys to cultivating happiness. When you go Greek, you learn morals and values that will help you develop into an integral member of society.  

Are You Looking to Go Greek?

Awesome! There’s no college experience that isn’t made better by building life-long friendships, memories, and confidence that will help you live a good life. If you need help getting started, check out GreekXperience. GreekXperience is the world’s first all-in-one platform designed exclusively for Greek life. We help make your college experience awesome when you go Greek! Check us out today!  


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