I was interested in joining a fraternity because I heard that these groups would provide me with connections, help me grow as a person, give me a brotherhood/family, and make my college experience fun and unforgettable. However, despite my interest, when I got to the Meet the Greeks Event and saw how many fraternities there were, I was overwhelmed. I was walking around without a clue going from table to table speaking to brothers.


It wasn’t until I stumbled upon GreekXperience that I learned exactly what to look for. The app first asked me some general questions and proceeded in asking me more interest-┬¡related questions. For example, academics 1st, campus life 2nd, leadership 3rd, community service 4th, etc. Overall, it took me about two minutes to complete, and afterwards the app generated a list of the top 4 fraternities that I would jell best with, based off my answers. I checked out each fraternity on the list, and they were all great. Great academic standing on campus, very involved in philanthropy, revered national reputations and amazing leadership and social lives. If it wasn’t for GreekXperience, I would have had a much harder time finding a fraternity that best suited my personality and values. Now, I am a proud candidate of Sigma Alpha Mu and am very close to getting my letters and becoming a brother!

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