For many years at Florida International University, our chapters have gone through their traditional method of tabling, attracting an average of 15 men. Recruitment performance was stagnant, and despite new approaches to our Campus Life marketing, we were not seeing the numbers to really increase our membership bases.


Since the implementation of GreekXperience, we have blown past our recruitment goals by with over 660 fall IFC registrants, a 248% increase from the prior year. This was accomplished by effectively planning our marketing campaign with the GreekXperience support team alongside our staff to achieve outstanding results.


Moreover, the platform does much more than support to increase in recruitment numbers. GreekXperience creates quality on both sides of the recruitment process. We have always challenged our chapters to go beyond bidding someone simply because they seem like a cool guy. With GreekXperience, the chapters can be very strategic on how they describe their chapters in order to connect with quality matches that fit their values. Additionally, the platform provides on-the-fly analytics which alleviates our department resources from crunching numbers to assess chapter and campus performance. From the student’s view, using GreekXperience is simple being they’re just a few clicks away from seeing their matched organizations, adding confidence to their decision to choose the right organization for them.


The process to implement was simple and seamless and working with their team has been a true joy. Since partnering with GreekXperience, we have been able to raise the bar on Fraternity recruitment, accelerating the achievement of our expansion goals. GreekXperience has changed revolutionized the way Fraternity recruitment is done.

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