Many E-board members across the nation know the struggle of trying to get members to attend events all too well. You’re here because you want to know all of the ways to increase attendance at Greek life chapter events. After all, you joined your sorority or fraternity to make lifelong bonds, and you can’t do that if people aren’t attending events. So now you’re wondering…

How can you increase attendance at greek life chapter events? There are five main ways you can increase attendance at chapter events. Those five ways are as follows:

  • Start with recruitment
  • Get all members involved in planning
  • Create high-quality events
  • Ask members for public feedback on events they attend
  • Create a point system

However, you should hold off on creating a point system until you have attempted the other four.

You are probably wondering what recruitment has to do with increasing attendance at chapter events. You may also want to know how to create high-quality events. For more details on how to execute these 5 ways of increasing participation at chapter events, keep reading.

How to Increase Attendance at Fraternity or Sorority Chapter Events

As stated, there are five main ways to increase attendance at your fraternity or sorority’s chapter events. Below you will learn how to execute these five ways effectively.

1. Start With Recruitment

When it comes to expectations of membership, much of that comes from a potential new member’s first impressions during recruitment. If you didn’t make it clear at the beginning that being part of your organization isn’t all about partying, you might be attracting members who join expecting only that. 

You need to make it clear that joining your chapter means there are expectations that active members attend certain events. Recruitment also needs to reflect what your chapter does, so people can join for that reason, and not other ones that don’t align with what your chapter has planned. 

By improving recruitment, you will enhance the quality of the members that join. Having better members will help increase member attendance at your chapter events. 

If you need a way to revamp your recruitment process, it’s a good idea to utilize a greek life management platform. 

2. Get All Members Involved in Planning

The reason that you want to get all of your members involved is that people have more of a stake in things that they are involved in. What you can do is have every brother/sister plan a weekly brotherhood/sisterhood event. Getting more people involved allows for the execution of more creative activities. Not only will each member get to showcase their interests, but they will also be in charge of getting other members to attend.

Putting a member in the shoes of the “planner” can make them have more of an appreciation for those who plan other non-brotherhood related events for the chapter. It will encourage more people to get involved and attend the events created by other members because now everyone will know what it’s like to be on the planning side. 

3. Create High-Quality Events

If you are failing at getting members to attend your events, it is time to revamp the events you offer. They say that the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over-and-over again and expecting different results.

If you’re not getting results with the events that you’re already planning, it’s time to try something new. If you want ideas for high-quality events, it’s a good idea to ask your members.

Have them rate the events you currently have so you can identify which ones to toss and which ones to keep. 

Then, have people submit their event ideas and have the chapter vote on which ones they want to be implemented. 

4. Ask Members for Public Feedback on Events Attended

Even if five people show up to an event, it’s essential to ask those members about their experiences at your chapter meeting. Have them talk about their experience, so that the whole chapter can hear. 

If five members got something out of an event and thought it was worth going to, other members may decide to go to that same event next time. If you keep doing this on every occasion, you can create a domino effect where more and more members go each time. 

5. Create a Point System

Creating a point system is last on the list because it should really be a last resort. People run on incentives. If you can incentivize members enough to go to events on their own, that can solve your problem. However, if you have tried everything and are still having trouble with membership attendance, then create a point system.

While a lot of chapters do use a point system with punishments (i.e., fines for not attending) to force members to go to events, proceed with caution on this. While this might increase membership attendance at events in the short-term, it could create resentment amongst members. Forcing membership attendance and making it required could make people feel like they have less choice in what they do. Plus, no one likes to be forced to do anything.

Once again, you may increase membership in the short-term, but if members get resentful enough, they may end up dropping out of the sorority/fraternity altogether. Therefore, it’s in your organization’s best interest to motivate members positively and incentivize them to want to go on their own accord, rather than against their will.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to increase attendance at your greek life chapter events. You can use one of these methods or all of them. Some may work for specific chapters better than others, so it’s worth trying them all to see which works the best for your fraternity/sorority. Remember, though, it all starts with recruitment. 

If you need help with revamping your recruitment or are looking for an easy way to have members vote on events and tally them, GreekXperience is here for you. With GreekXperience, you can use the customizable online voting modules to improve your recruitment and attendance at chapter events. 

Connect your campus with GreekXperience; they’ve got you covered!

Now, go improve your chapter event attendance!

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