You’re probably wondering how to improve your fraternity or sorority chapter. Well, it all starts with creating a great team. When you consider the Greek experience, you need to look at how you recruit for your chapter. It’s very similar to building a team in the workplace. You want everyone to get along, be able to contribute and enjoy themselves every step of the way. Many people make lifelong connections during their time on Greek row. You need to emphasize this during your teambuilding efforts.


How do you create a great team for your fraternity or sorority? Creating a great team for your Greek chapter starts with recruitment. There are four ways you can accomplish this:

1. Go over expectations


2. Embrace the culture


3. Determine the competence


4. Look for creative innovation


In order to fully understand these aspects, read on to get the details of how to improve your chapter by creating a great team.

1. Improve Your Chapter by Going Over Expectations


During the recruitment process, it is important to go over the expectations so that there are no surprises down the road. Everyone who is going to be part of your team needs to understand the various expectations of being part of your chapter. This may include maintaining a certain GPA, volunteering a certain amount of their time, and even living in the fraternity or sorority house.


If you don’t go over expectations early on, there could be a disruption within your team at a later point in time. You don’t want to suddenly share expectations after they have joined the team. This is when your entire fraternity or sorority can fall apart.


2. Improve Recruitment by Embracing the Culture


Every fraternity or sorority has a culture. Some are known as the brains, and some are known as the brawn. There is nothing wrong with embracing the culture because this is the legacy that you will leave.


If someone doesn’t fit within the culture you are trying to create within your Greek chapter, it’s best to identify this and let another fraternity or sorority have them. If you don’t have people who fit within your culture, you are never going to have a great team, and this is when things become problematic.


Matching algorithms can simplify this so you can be sure that a PNM (potential new member) would be a great fit.


3. Create a Great Team by Determining the Competence


Just as you would interview people for a job, you need to interview people for your chapter. The only way to achieve greatness is by asking questions of those who are going to be on your team and learning more about them.


Recruitment is when you have to determine competence regarding whether someone is going to fit within your culture, be able to maintain a certain GPA, and follow the various rules that you have in place. Potential new members need to understand the consequences of bad behavior as well as learn that they will be required to collaborate on various projects that take place throughout Greek row.


4. Look for Creative Innovation to Get Quality Members


When you begin the recruitment process, it is important to look at the creativity of everyone you are looking to add to your team. Greek life is more than just parties. There is fundraising, philanthropy, and much more. When you add people who can create innovation and who like to think outside the box, you can build a great team made up of individuals who know how to get the job done and add something unique to your chapter. Plus, new member insights will allow you to see what new members want when they join Greek life, so you can adjust recruiting to maximize your efforts.


Most people say that their time in a sorority or fraternity were amongst the best times of their lives. If given a choice, they would join again in a heartbeat, and this is because a great team was built. The Greek experience can be an amazing addition to your college or university experience. Put in the effort towards recruiting. It will be worth it.


Ultimately, your goal should be to reduce the time it takes to build a great team and improve the overall quality and experience related to the Greek experience. Greek organization recruitment can be made easier, allowing the administrators of your university to focus more on the well-being and growth of the Greek community as opposed to recruitment.


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