The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we think about organization management. If you are on the executive board of your fraternity chapter, you are probably wondering how you are supposed to remotely manage your fraternity. This unprecedented period has made remote management more important than ever.


How do you manage a fraternity chapter remotely? The three main ways to manage a fraternity chapter remotely are:

  • Have executive board meetings via video call.
  • Use a chapter management platform.
  • Continue to do remote brotherly bonding.


Despite this pandemic, you, as a leader of your chapter, can’t just throw in the towel. You need to find ways to make sure the management of your fraternity is up to par and that members still feel connected. This is even more important during a time when social isolation can lead to greater loneliness. Keep reading to learn the three best ways to manage a fraternity chapter remotely despite the coronavirus pandemic.


1. Have Executive Board Meetings Online

Nowadays, with the amount of technology available to you, you don’t need to meet in person to have E-board meetings. Sometimes forcing members to meet in-person can be counterproductive to achieving good morale. 


Your members are also college students with busy lives. Some of them may not live super close to campus. Trying to coordinate a time where everyone can be on campus can be difficult. If an executive board member has to commute a far distance for an E-board meeting every Tuesday night, this could result in resentment, subpar engagement, and diminished follow-through.


Even though the world is going through a pandemic, doing remote E-board meetings can continue even after the pandemic days are over. It will be easier to coordinate a time for everyone to be on a Zoom call if members don’t have to leave their homes.


Additionally, if you need to share documents, everyone can use a shared Google doc while on video calls. Therefore, you don’t need to meet in person to be productive during meetings. 


2. Use a Chapter Management Platform

The quarantine days have made it clear that Greek chapters absolutely must use a chapter management platform to make their remote management more effortless. Sure, you can try to manage your fraternity alone, but you’ll get a lot more done and be a lot more organized with a chapter management platform. 


A quality chapter management platform will help you with recruitment, member retention, and even connecting with alumni. What’s more, you’ll get a platform that is like Facebook, but for Greek life chapters, specifically. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your members are already using Facebook. Not everyone likes to use Facebook. And when they join a chapter that forces them to create one because that’s what their fraternity is using to communicate, it can end up becoming a nuisance.  


If you want to make sure all of your members are being included in remote conversations while also respecting their individual social media needs, then use a Greek chapter management platform. 


The right chapter management platform will even help you collect dues more smoothly and help with budgeting. 


If your campus doesn’t currently use a chapter management platform, reach out to your university administrators about getting one for your chapter. Let them know it will help take your organization to the next level. 


3. Remote Brotherly Bonding

The whole point of joining a fraternity is to join a group of like-minded people. If you are neglecting the brotherhood aspect of your chapter because people can’t meet in person, this can be detrimental to member morale. 


During executive board meetings, make sure that everyone is coming up with creative ways to continue to have brothers interact. 


A few ways to boost brotherhood morale is to look into how companies are creating remote team-building activities and apply the ones that would work best for your chapter. 


Regularly check in with members and encourage them to participate in the remote brotherhood bonding activities. If you can find ways to make the brotherhood activities slightly competitive (e.g., a fitness challenge), you can offer prizes to the winners. A reward is bound to get people invested.


Lastly, try to set up one-on-one skype calls between members. You can create a google doc pairing up two brothers every week. During that week, each pair of brothers should do a 30-minute Skype call focused on getting to know each other better. Create questions for each member pair to ask each other, so there is a goal in mind concerning the direction of the conversation. Having members use pre-determined questions is less awkward than having people come up with discussion topics on their own. This is especially true when two people may not know each other very well yet. 


If two brothers feel comfortable with each other, they will end up diverging from the pre-set questions anyways.   


Wrapping Up

Despite recent happenings with the COVID-19 pandemic, this doesn’t have to be a time where chapter management falls by the wayside. You can continue to be effective and productive at managing your fraternity if you use the necessary tools and resources at your fingertips. 


One of those tools is GreekXperience. This platform lets you keep track of chapter leadership involvement gaps through their robust analytics. You can also use it to effectively gauges chapter involvement interest via chapter surveys. Plus, it gives the social-media-feel without having to use social media. 


Be sure to connect your campus with the one and only chapter management platform that will make your remote management days an absolute breeze!


Now, go out there and help connect your brothers.