The beginning of Rush Week can be a nerve-wracking time for potential new members; without knowing what to expect, it can be intimidating to try and “win over” a group of guys to give you a bid to join their fraternity. However, before you get too psyched out, here are a few ways to make a great first impression on anyone you meet before or during Rush.

How to Impress Fraternities By Being Yourself

Fraternities are looking for like-minded individuals who can join their brotherhood and continue working to make it a better place for all members. So, as you debate going through Rush week, here are a few ways you can impress fraternities by simply being yourself. 

1. Ask questions and show genuine curiosity

It’s already assumed that you are interested in a fraternity if you’re at their rush event. 

When talking to chapter members or alumni, ask questions about the fraternity and get a feel for what made them want to join the brotherhood. You may get some cookie-cutter answers, but others may surprise you with what benefits they found in the fraternity that you may also be looking for.

2. Be honest about what you want from a fraternity.

It’s not all toga parties and the stereotypical Greek Life events you see in the movies. Being in a fraternity can be an enriching experience if you’re open to it. Before a rush event, ensure you know exactly what you are looking for in a frat so you can speak openly about it with anyone you interact with. 

Some members may be focused on working with impactful philanthropy, while others are more interested in alumni relations and networking for their future careers. 

If you’re looking for any of these, or just a place to call home away from your actual home, be honest! Active members and alumni will appreciate your honesty and openness. 

3. Let your personality shine through. 

Once you feel comfortable, don’t be afraid to let your personality do the talking. Maybe you’re a class clown type, love some healthy competition, or your sarcasm leaves people in stitches. The more confident you are in showing your character and personality traits, the quicker you’ll form connections with the people you meet.  

What Fraternities and Sororities Look for In New Members

Above all else, the fraternities and sororities hosting Rush events at your university are looking for people like you. They want to recruit intelligent, ambitious, enthusiastic, and loyal people to join their organization. 

It’s difficult to showcase all your best personality traits in one conversation. Our advice comes from not only being yourself but remembering that this isn’t a job interview for you — you are interviewing the fraternity, too! It’s a mutual connection that you are looking for.

If you are impressed by a fraternity’s core values, mission, scholarly standards, and work in the community, you are much more likely to show enthusiasm and excitement in meeting more members and learning more about the chapter. That enthusiasm will lead, and they’ll want to get to know you more too.

Prepare for Rush Week with GreekXperience

Here at GreekXperience, we love to share what we know about Greek life. We appreciate the ability to prepare you for your fraternity or sorority days, and we also love to help you out once you get there. Explore our blog for more tips and information on Greek Life at your university and the different ways you can get involved. We know how overwhelming it can be when you first get to campus and need to make choices about the organization you belong to. So we’re here to help!


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