At the beginning of the 20th century, Black college students from universities around the country began coming together. They created fraternities and sororities so they would feel more supported and united during their college years. Their primary purpose for creation was to unite their communities and educate and uplift Black communities from racial and social inequalities. 

This group of fraternities and sororities became known as the Divine 9. Their core values and creed remain active to this day. Providing support, education, and resources for Black students, entrepreneurs, and business owners remain a top priority for the Divine 9.

Divine 9 Greek Organization Forms an Alliance with the SBA

In June 2022, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, also known as the Divine 9, allied with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to help close the wealth gap for African American communities. They also helped small businesses owned by the community members.

Historically, Black entrepreneurs and small business owners are less likely to receive financial backing or inheritances, qualify for bank loans, or receive adequate financial literacy and education from successfully launching and running businesses in their communities. 

As an underserved and overlooked community, Black business owners and entrepreneurs need new “contacts, access to networks, financial literacy, technical training, and capital readiness,” among other resources, to allow their businesses and dreams to thrive. 

Accessing a mentor or someone who can guide entrepreneurs through the convoluted process of starting a business is often the missing piece. If they can’t get their feet under them from the start, it can be difficult to launch. They will also not be able to retain customers and employees, and stay afloat. 

Working alongside the Biden administration, the Divine Nine and SBA will forge together to use their influences and resources to provide adequate “tools, resources, and support to create pathways to capital, government contracts, and general guidance.” In doing so, Black business owners and their coinciding communities will flourish. More businesses mean more jobs, leading to a booming local economy.

The NPHC has over 2.5 million members nationwide. These are individuals who serve as business owners, educators, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, and active community members. Their wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable to the Black community members who want to start their businesses and live the American dream. 

The Divine 9 Sororities and Fraternities Are Supporting Black Entrepreneurship

This an exciting partnership between the Divine Nine and the Small Business Administration. African American communities and the entrepreneurs within them will be more financially prepared for business ownership and everything that entails. They will be well-equipped with resources, connections, and support from this alliance.  

Black communities, businesses, individuals, and families will thrive with this exciting partnership. Many organizations have taken steps over the years to close the racial wealth gap. This move represents another step forward.

Explore the Divine 9 Greek Organizations with GreekXperience 

While traditional Greek Life might not be in the cards, having a place where you can be a part of something larger than yourself to advocate for and lead progress in the African American community is invaluable to your college years, post-college career, and the benefit of your family and community. 

We encourage you to research the various fraternities and sororities on your college campus through the GreekXperience platform. This can help you find the best-suited organization that aligns with your culture, beliefs, and core values. Not only will it elevate your college experience, but it can alter the course of your life and career. 


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