Based on what they may have heard, people have various associations with the word “sorority.” People don’t always realize how deeply a sorority can impact a young student and that there are lifelong benefits that come from being a part of one. Joining a sorority can help you open your mind to new ideas, principles, and morals. It can give you a foundation to stand on as you navigate through your education. They are also a fantastic way to make new friends and build new connections.

What Is a Sorority?

Going back to basics, a sorority is a college organization for women. They are well known as a great place to start a social life and meet new friends. Also, sororities set high expectations for academics and community contributions. Greek life gives new students a place to orient from when looking ahead at their college careers. There’s an immediate sense of belonging found in a sorority. You have your community encouraging you and helping keep you on track and growing.

Sororities Create Foundations

Because of the social events and connections, sororities are a chance to break out of your shell and comfort zone. Let’s say you are first arriving at University as a freshman. You are new to the area, and you are shy and introverted. Sororities are a great way to meet people based on similar interests and hobbies, and they also offer many opportunities to build character along the way.  

Sororities can help you create new experiences during your time in higher education. They help you envision a newer version of yourself based on your goals, studies, and choices. Additionally, they help you connect with people who are the kinds of friends you’ll want to keep forever.

Sororities help in creating leadership and services opportunities. With ample opportunities for community service and philanthropy efforts, sororities encourage and even require members to connect to the campus and the community. This provides a sense of accomplishment and service to members. These opportunities offer opportunities to practice their leadership skills. Greek members are also often involved in leadership positions on campus, including student government. 

Long-Term Benefits of Being in a Sorority 

As you further progress in your higher education, sororities are a great place to build up your resume. They also increase your chances of career opportunities outside of the University. Members are supported by being able to heavily rely on an organization or group of people with similar values. This support offers a great way to bounce back from any hardship, get back to the community, and also to build a wider and stronger network of people. 

Sorority members are known for helping each other succeed in the professional world after graduation. With continued opportunities for networking and support, the time put in at school extends into lifelong benefits. Besides just networking, sorority members continue friendships and community support for each other for a long time.

Social identity and skills are essential for anyone leaving or entering the real world outside of higher education. Participating in a sorority enables you to polish your social skills, which will provide a better understanding of the real world and different perspectives. 

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