Professional success is the end goal for any college student. When choosing a college, there are many essential elements to look for and vary depending on the student. The core element for every student is finding a school that meets their career goals. Beyond that they will want to make friends and take part in different clubs and groups. What they may not think about is the support they will need to reach their career goals.

There are as many student groups as interests. Joining a college sorority or fraternity should be at the top of the list when deciding what kind of group would provide support for long-term professional goals. They have a proven track record of helping members to find their individuality, learn leadership skills, and build confidence.

The Wall Street Journal reported on a study evaluating the happiness of college graduates. The study proved that “Greek graduates who described themselves as engaged at work was 43% compared with 38% for non-Greeks. And 37% of Greeks strongly agree that their institution prepared them for life after college, as compared with 27% of non-Greeks.” These percentages are an example of the professional and personal success for those who take part in the Greek life.


A Greek fraternity or sorority provides a safe space for students to learn and grow into well-rounded adults. The brotherhood and sisterhood within the chapters allows students to learn to support one another. They also learn how to resolve conflict. There is diversity within the workforce, from culture to personalities. People don’t always get along, and being able to work through conflict is essential. Self-awareness and social skills are crucial to finding professional success.


Leadership is a core focus in Greek life. Each fraternity and sorority are mostly self governed and may report to an alumni chapter or corporation. Current chapter members elect officers. Each position is voluntary and can range from a chapter president and treasurer to a single event planner and manager. No matter the level of responsibility, they are learning leadership, management, and planning skills. These roles are also an opportunity to try out different roles and see what could be a good fit for future endeavors. 

According to Dani Weatherford, the NPC chief executive officer, in an interview by Peterson’s, “That experience teaches young women how to collaborate and work with people from different perspectives, how to manage conflict, all of those things that come from working with one another. And those particular skills are so helpful when a young woman enters the workforce.” The same could be said for the leadership roles in fraternities. 


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines confidence as “a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances.” Learning essential personal and professional life skills is at the center of Greek life. Members discover their ability to overcome significant challenges and obstacles. They know they are not alone and have the support from their brothers and sisters within the chapter. By the time they reach graduation, they have the confidence to step out into a career and do it successfully. 

Professional Success

Graduating college is a huge milestone and choosing to join a college sorority or fraternity is a boost to a successful future. The leadership, management, and planning skills learned during those four years belong on a resume to capitalize on those skills. Many employers are alumni and this can go a long way in securing future professional success.

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