One of the most exciting aspects of getting to college is the chance to join Greek Life on campus. Students are encouraged at the beginning of each semester to go Greek, but what does that process even look like? The idea of the unknown can be intimidating, so here is a breakdown of sorority and fraternity recruitment. 

First, it is worth mentioning that while many sororities and fraternities follow the same recruitment model, there may be differences across campuses. One of the best ways to find out how your college handles recruitments is to visit the school’s Panhellenic website. 

Sororities and fraternities have different processes from each other. Sororities follow a more structured model of recruitment. This can seem intimidating, but remember all of the other girls around you are going through the same thing. 

Sorority Recruitment

So what do sororities do? First is registration. This is a questionnaire that serves to get to know the basics about you. There is probably a fee with registration. Second, you need recommendation letters. They aren’t looking for just anyone to write the letters. They should specifically be written by other women who are sorority alumni. You may have to do a little networking to find these women and share information about yourself with them. However, those who went through the same process will often be eager to help. Then, orientation begins. You will have a recruitment counselor, who is a member of a sorority on your campus, help you through this process. Orientation is where you learn about the recruitment process. 

Finally, the sorority recruitment process begins! Round one is an opportunity to meet all of the sororities on campus. The number of days corresponds with the size of the campus and how many sororities it houses. You get the chance to ask sisters questions and try to feel out where you would fit the best. Confused? Don’t worry, this is why you have a recruitment counselor. Two things happen next: chapter invitation and the preference round. Chapter invitation is when a sorority invites you to come chat with them again. They may not be at the top of your priority list, but you may find they are actually a great fit (or not). Preference round is when you fill out a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA), which indicates all sororities you’re willing to accept a bid from. Finally, it’s Bid Day! This is when sororities offer you to join them.

Fraternity Recruitment

Fraternities are not so complex. Unlike sororities, most fraternities will not request a fee during their recruitment process. Their process begins with more of a meet and greet, in which potential members can chat with current members, gather information, and figure out which events they’re able to attend. Initially, events are open to anyone interested, but as the week goes on, events become invite-only as current brothers begin to make connections with potential brothers. 

Bid offers also tend to be less formal. Whereas sororities host a large event with a formal dress code, fraternities may come around to your dorm room or house at night  to offer bids. The next day they have a day-long bid signing where candidates can accept their preferred bid. 

The recruitment process varies greatly between sororities and fraternities, but the complexity of trying to find the right fit remains the same between them. At GreekXperience, our goal is to help eliminate some of the stress and confusion for both current and potential members. We aim to simplify the recruitment process so everyone can feel confident in their decisions and connections. Let us help you enhance your Greek Life recruitment experience. 


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