Trying to get a job in today’s market can be tough. Many employers are actively seeking candidates, but there are also plenty of applicants who are just as qualified, if not more so. Before taking an interview, reach out to other alumni from your fraternity or sorority to ask if they have any tips for interviews. Then, to set yourself apart during the interview process, mention your Greek Life experience. 

Why Mention Your Fraternity or Sorority?

Once you land an interview, mentioning Greek Life in college can form an automatic connection with your interviewer. While the rush process may look different across campuses–and fraternities and sororities demand different standards from their recruits–there is still a sense of community and family both you and the interviewer will understand. Conversation can immediately go from business and routine questions to a more personal, relaxed rapport. 

What Greek Life Says about You

Regardless of whether your interviewer was also part of Greek Life, they will gain confidence in your ability to make commitments and take risks. Fraternities and sororities are not just a large commitment during college life, but they instill a lifelong bond to each other and future brother/sisters. This demonstrates the ability to work hard, cultivate and maintain relationships, and dedicate yourself to long-term responsibilities. These are impressive qualities that employers actively pursue in job candidates. 

Talking about your sorority or fraternity also demonstrates your ability to make decisions. Becoming a brother or sister is not a simple matter of just signing up. The current brothers/sisters take time to make sure their candidates are a good fit and hold similar values. It is equally important that the potential brother/sister do the same. This means you need to understand yourself and your own values, which are strengthened during your time as an active member. 

Meeting Demands

If you were involved in Greek Life during college, you probably excel in time management. Not only were you taking classes, but you were able to meet the time demands of your fraternity or sorority. Greek Life is often very time consuming. Between social and charitable events, students must be able to manage their time well. Many fraternities and sororities also require a minimum GPA in order to stay active, so balance is vital for participation. 

Breaking the Silence

Having your fraternity or sorority listed on your resume can be a topic-starter. You may not even need to be the one to bring it up. Having it listed opens up a world of questions, like what sort of philanthropy work you were involved in, or discussing a time when there was perhaps conflict and how you were able to manage it. In any case, if they don’t bring it up, you certainly still should. 

Leadership Skills

Lastly, mentioning your Greek Life experience opens the door to discuss involvement and various roles you were able to take. Perhaps you were a committee chair, served as vice president, or helped in the recruitment process. There are endless ways to make a connection with the roles you carried in your fraternity/sorority and how that role will translate to the position for which you’ve applied. 

Fortunately, even if the interviewer was not part of Greek Life, chances are they knew someone who was! And they are likely to understand the responsibilities of joining a fraternity or sorority. If you want to connect with alumni to get job interview tips but aren’t sure where to begin, GreekXperience will help. Show up to any interview with the confidence that your Greek Life experience will not only help you ace an interview, but land the job.


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