If you follow Greek life or have a TikTok account, you probably witnessed the social phenomenon that occurred during 2021’s sorority recruitment last summer. Namely, you witnessed the rise of BAMA Rush Tik Tok. A group of PNMs (potential new members) documented their experience as they went through Recruitment at the University of Alabama, igniting a world of curiosity and fascination around the world of sorority recruitment. 

The Bama Rush TikTok trend ignited international interest, particularly in other countries where Greek Life is essentially nonexistent. Here’s a look at what Bama Rush did for Greek life and recruitment and provided an inside look at what the young women going through the Rush experience. 

Sorority Rush at the University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is home to 18 sororities that offer around 2,300 young women a bid at the end of Rush Week. Recruitment can be a grueling process for any chapter, but with such a large number of chapters and women that go through Rush, it’s hard to imagine how the chapters and their leaders manage to create a pledge class after just a few days of Recruitment. 

At the University of Alabama, Recruitment consists of four days, including a Welcome event, Philanthropy day, Sisterhood Night, and Preference Night. Bid Day is usually the following day. 

As Greek life has gotten poor press in recent years, it’s refreshing to have something else to talk about with curious non-Greek members. Conversations have shifted from hazing and sexual assault to “Is that what your sorority is like for Rush?” for active members and alumni of national sororities. 

The Inside Look at Recruitment via Bama Rush Tok

Bama Rush Tok gave social media an inside look at what goes on for potential new members as they embark on Recruitment at the University of Alabama. 

A few women shared their OOTD (outfit of the day) content including details on their shoes, bags, dresses, and jewelry. While some girls rocked dresses from affordable retailers, many boasted about their Chanel or Cartier jewelry that they dubbed “normal” or everyday accessories.

Assitionaly, as videos made by the recruitment participants began going viral on TikTok, it begged many questions about what matters in Recruitment at this university. Many often see sororities as places that place high importance on appearance, status, and money. The majority of the women in these videos are thin, blonde, and white. 

And yet, something as mundane as an outfit update gaining international attention causes one to wonder — maybe people are curious about Recruitment and what it involves, and this RushTok trend from Bama Rush officially ignited the flame of curiosity. 

Are There Downsides to Rush Social Media?

Is it without cause for concern? Absolutely not. The potentially red flags in the Bama Rush TikTok trend are abundant — sororities across the country were likely having to defend themselves and the way they approach Recruitment. 

At the University of Alabama, over 2,000 young women participate in Recruitment every fall. They generally arrive at the university early to participate in Rush Week. They pay $350 just to go through Recruitment; that’s nothing compared to the semester dues which can cost as much as $4,500. 

Aside from outfits, participants also documented their demanding social schedules for Rush. The expectations when going through Bama Rush are eye-opening. They make you wonder — at what point has Recruitment gone too far?

There’s no doubt that Bama Rush on TikTok breathed new life into the Recruitment process and Greek life in general. Of course, it may not be the best press. But now, Greek Life is viral on the largest social media platform for the demographic. What’s not refreshing about that?

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