Your fraternity or sorority recruitment was as a bust. The tables weren’t set up, people didn’t show up, letters were in someone’s dorm. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every year many Greek chapters have trouble with recruitment.


This is a common issue, especially as recruitment gets ever more competitive and methods are ever more sophisticated. These days, you need quite a bit of technological savvy as well as old-fashioned good judgment to recruit effectively. There is a way to improve your recruitment though.


Why Do You Fail At Greek Recruitment?


Let’s look at five of the top reasons why you’re having problems and what you can do to improve your Greek chapter’s recruitment.


1. You Don’t Have a System in Place

Many chapters don’t really have a real system for recruitment beyond holding a few events and setting up some tables. If you want to see better results, you need a more organized system. Think of it as something akin to a business plan.


Set up some goals and delegate responsibilities. If you’re planning events and activities, make sure everyone understands the Who, What, Where, and When. Hold people accountable and discuss progress at meetings.


2. Members Don’t Share Responsibility for Recruitment

Ideally, everyone in your chapter is helping with recruitment. You may have one person who’s in charge of this, but ultimately it’s a job for everyone.


When everyone pitches in and does what they can to bring in new members, you start to see better results. For example, if you’re planning a recruitment event, one person or a team may plan the details. Everyone, however, can talk to as many students as possible and encourage them to attend.


3. Your Recruitment Efforts are Too Limited

Another common mistake chapters make is to unnecessarily limit the scope of their recruiting efforts. If you only recruit during the first few weeks of the semester, you’re missing out on many opportunities.


Look at recruiting as an ongoing process. Take the long-term view. You’re looking for members who will be with you for at least a few years and, hopefully, form lifelong bonds. Even if you recruit at the middle or end of the semester, they’ll be with you next year and beyond.


Another mistake is to only target freshmen. Seek quality members whenever you find them, regardless of their age.


4. You’re Too Focused on Numbers

It may seem like a contradiction to focus less on numbers as you’re trying to improve your recruitment results. However, when you put quantity over quality, it does your organization more harm than good in the long run.


If you’re not attracting the right kind of members, the cohesiveness of your chapter declines. This, in turn, makes it even harder to attract higher quality members in the future. Remember that all members reflect on your organization.


As you focus on quality, you attract people who will themselves help you recruit more great people. So, if you want to move from a downward spiral to an upward spiral, make sure you put quality first.


5. You’re Not Taking Advantage of the Latest Technology

While most college students are tech-savvy, many chapters still use recruiting tactics from the 80s. That is, they don’t make the most of social media and having a compelling website.


Now a fraternity or sorority is mainly about connecting with people in the real world, so you can’t rely on your website, Twitter, or Facebook to recruit for you. But you can and should use these and other platforms to spread the word about your chapter. For example, it’s helpful to have lots of compelling photos for students to see online.


If you don’t have an official webmaster and social media manager, consider assigning these roles. Another option is to use an advanced recruitment tool such as GreekXperience to automate many tasks and help you identify the most suitable recruits.


To find out why GreekXperience is the most effective recruitment solution for your chapter check out our Solutions page for Chapters.