Coronavirus is changing the way that fraternities and sororities run. Nowadays, it would be best if you focused on creating socially distanced greek life events to keep your members engaged and safe. However, these unprecedented times may have some of you at a loss regarding what events to plan.

What are some socially distanced greek life events to host during coronavirus? There are a lot of socially distanced greek life events that you can host during coronavirus. Some of the best ones include the following: 

  1. Scavenger hunt
  2. Virtual escape room
  3. Virtual trivia
  4. Buzzfeed quiz taking
  5. Virtual lunch
  6. Virtual talent show
  7. Nerf gun battles
  8. Block party games 
  9. Field day games 
  10. “Speed dating”

If you want more details about each event, keep reading. Below you’ll find what you need to know about planning these fantastic socially distanced events for your fraternity or sorority.

Top 10 Socially Distanced Greek Life Events

Below are the top 10 socially distanced greek life events that you can plan during coronavirus. 

1. Scavenger Hunt

While a scavenger hunt in itself isn’t socially distanced, it can still work well if you keep the scavenger hunt outside and have people wear masks. Plus, if you break everyone up into smaller teams, each person can stay 6 feet apart. A scavenger hunt is an excellent way for people to bond, get outside, have some fun, and stay socially distanced!

2. Virtual Escape Room

Another fun way to get people involved in a common goal is through a virtual escape room. You’ll get to enjoy the challenge and teamwork of an escape room without the risk of you or someone else getting sick. 

3. Virtual Trivia

For virtual trivia, you can do a Zoom call with everyone where members split off into teams. What would make this even more fun is a prize for the winning team! If you don’t want to come up with your own trivia questions, fortunately, some companies will host the event for you.

4. Buzzfeed Quiz Taking

Taking Buzzfeed quizzes can be a funny and entertaining way to bond as you all share your results. The best part is you can take these quizzes from the comfort of your home!

5. Virtual Lunch

If you want to bond with your brothers or sisters without seeing each other in person, you can also host a virtual lunch. To host the lunch, you can all participate in a Zoom call, where everyone brings a dish of food they made. That way, you don’t have to eat lunch alone, but you still stay safe. 

6. Virtual Talent Show

A virtual talent show is a great way for people to show off their talents and get to know each other better on an artistic level. Even if some of your members don’t have a talent, it can still be a great way to provide entertainment for the rest of your fraternity or sorority. Of course, to make it virtual, have the talent show over Zoom. 

7. Nerf Gun Battles

Who doesn’t love a good nerf gun battle? If you want to get out of the house and see your brothers or sisters in person, have a nerf gun battle where members split off into teams. You can remain six feet apart and wear masks while playing. Plus, you’ll be outdoors! 

8. Block Party

Whether you’re playing cornhole or ringtoss, a block party is a creative way to get everyone involved, playing games and having fun outside. Again, as long as people stay six feet apart and keep their masks on, this can still be a safe way for members to bond. Click here for more tips on hosting a socially distanced block party. 

9. Field Day

Having a field day is another fun way to spend the day outdoors and bond with your fraternity or sorority. Having a water balloon fight will bring everyone back to their childhood days in the best way possible! For more field day game ideas, click here. 

10. “Speed Dating”

“Speed dating” can be held over Zoom, where everyone is paired up for a few minutes to answer questions and get to know each other. That way, everyone gets a chance to talk to everyone in the organization. 

Wrapping Up

Now you have some ideas of what events to plan during this time of social distancing. Coronavirus has changed how greek life organizations are being run with an increased focus on remote management. 

However, planning remote events is only one step to effectively managing your chapter. To get the most out of remotely managing your chapter, you should implement a greek life management software, like GreekXperience. GreekXperience will make all aspects of running your chapter a lot smoother. Plus, when planning events, you’ll want to be able to keep track of event attendance, and that’s just one of the amazing features that GreekXperience has to offer.

To connect GreekXperience with your campus, click here and submit your information to get the process started! 

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