It may be a surprise to some that Greek chapters improve their communities in many ways. Just like much of what we see in the news, media coverage of Greek Life often paints a negative picture. They cover the mishaps and wrongdoings that portray fraternities and sororities as irresponsible or even downright malicious.


What they don’t tell us, of course, is that there are millions of Greeks around the country who are upstanding members of their communities. They focus on a handful of bad actors, and this perpetuates negative stereotypes about Greek chapters.


How do Greek chapters improve their communities? There are four main ways that Greek chapters improve their communities: 

1. Fundraising for Charity

2. Volunteering

3. Providing Community Space

4. Promoting Higher Academic Standards


We’re here to set the record straight. Because of our inside view on Greek organizations, we see all the hard work that brothers and sisters put into making the world a better place. Read on for more details on how Greek chapters improve their communities.


1. Fundraising for Charity

Greek chapters raise over $7 million each year for charity through a variety of initiatives. Examples of charities that sororities and fraternities are involved are as follows:

  • Sponsored runs helping to raise money for cures
  • Partnering with local businesses for partial-proceeds drives
  • Bake sales


Additionally, fraternities and sororities at UCF (University of Central Florida) collectively raised over $1 million for charity in the 2016-2017 school year, breaking a world record. The proceeds went to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Feeding Children Everywhere, Military Heroes Campaign, Huntsman Cancer Foundation, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and more.


Charity is one of the cornerstones of every Greek organization. Plus, instilling these values into college students sets them up for a lifetime of service.


2. Volunteering

Another way that Greeks help out in the community is by volunteering their time. Some Greek-lettered organizations have a specific focus on community service, whether it’s at the local or national level.


The sky is the limit when it comes to volunteer opportunities with which fraternities and sororities get involved. They help build homes with Habitat for Humanity, tutor local disadvantaged children, feed the homeless, care for the elderly, and more.


USA Today even reports that sorority women across the nation contributed nearly 1 million hours of community service in the 2013-2014 school year. At the same time, fraternity men completed 3.8 million hours of community service. Combined, that’s almost 5 million hours!


3. Providing Community Space

Though not everyone has the privilege of living in a chapter house, they are still welcome to the numerous events that Greeks host. Whether it’s a backyard BBQ or weekend dance party, Greek houses provide a valuable community space that serves the entire campus community.


The truth is that meeting people, even in college, can be challenging. If you’re stuck in a small dorm room, it can be difficult to socialize with anyone but your roommates. That’s why Greek-run events are so crucial to the college experience.


They provide a safe, fun environment for people of all types to come together and mingle. These social connections improve campus mental health, and they provide valuable networking connections that can prove pivotal once these grads enter into the workforce.


4. Promoting Higher Academic Standards

Students come to colleges and universities for one primary purpose: to learn. No matter whether they’re an English major or a double major in physics and mathematics with a minor in music, all these students likewise benefit from the higher academic standards that a fraternity or sorority promote.


Besides the tutoring and other educational assistance that brothers and sisters offer to their fellow students, Greeks also raise the bar for educational excellence in general. Most lettered organizations have strict educational standards to which members must adhere.


Greeks are also often involved in leadership roles, including in the classroom. They can directly translate the event planning and management skills that they cultivate alongside their chapter into direct action when it comes to organizing that next group project.



Even though the major news outlets often ignore these millions of good deeds, instead of focusing on the one-in-a-million outlier who messed up, we understand how vital Greek life is to the university campus and the community at large.


That’s why GreekXperience provides easy to use, digital tools for chapters who want to grow and serve their communities. The event planning features let members organize everything from charity drives to fun socials, making your efforts even more effective, and giving you more time to focus on what matters most.