Welcome back to the ultimate guide to Greek chapter management. We all know that there’s a lot more that goes into fraternity or sorority management than initially meets the eye. You’ve got a lot to live up to, you’ve got a community to serve, and you’ve got to make sure that the machine is well-oiled so that you can focus on what matters most.


Last time, we went over filling positions, budgeting, and recruitment. Whether you’re the chapter president or a first-year recruit who wants to do everything you can to see your chapter succeed, keep reading to get more killer tips on how to manage your chapter.


Who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn something.


How to Improve Greek Chapter Management?

You’ve read volume one of our guide to greek chapter management and you’re wanting more information on how to effectively manage your fraternity or sorority. Here are three more ways to effectively manage your chapter.


1. Strengthen Your Bond

In Greek life, there’s nothing more important than the bonds that you form with your brothers or sisters. The relationships that you build are the reason that these organizations exist in the first place. They are the rock that gets you through tough times, they are the people you call when you need help, and they are the people that you celebrate your achievements with.


They are why we join fraternities and sororities in the first place, and, hopefully, they provide us with lifelong friendships that we can carry with us well into our careers. While you can’t forget the nitty-gritty matters like financial planning and organizing, you also shouldn’t lose sight of the bedrock that gives your chapter strength.


If you empower the friendships within your chapter, everything is much easier from there.


Here are some tips for building tighter bonds with your brothers or sisters:


  • Eat more meals together
  • Study together
  • Work out together
  • Plan trips and nights out together
  • Don’t exclude anyone


Ultimately, it comes down to spending more time together and participating in each other’s lives.


2. Improve Your Chapter’s Reputation

Greek-lettered organizations can sometimes get a bad rap from both conventional and social media, but we know that people always want to focus on the negative, and so they miss out on so many good things. It’s up to us to show our campus and our community the truth about Greek life.


Be proud of your chapter. Wear your letters with pride. Don’t be afraid to brag to other students about your chapter’s awesome events. Let your professors know how being in a fraternity or sorority has helped to improve your academics.


Portray your chapter in a positive light by being a role model. Be a great student, do good works in your community, and treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect. Soon enough, your chapter will become known for this kind of positive behavior, and you and your brothers or sisters can reap the rewards that having a positive reputation brings.


Think of your chapter as your brand. To get better new recruits to join your chapter, you need to be the one that attracts them. Remember: the cream always rises to the top.


3. Organize Sweet Events

Who are we kidding? We love Greek life because of all the sweet events. Whether it’s a wilderness retreat with the boys, a girls trip to the spa, or a total rager at the house, events are the lifeblood of any Greek chapter.


Make sure to plan events well ahead of time, and, if you need to get any other organizations involved or make reservations, don’t wait until the last minute. Working around the schedules of dozens of busy college kids can be tough. Between work, school, socializing, and getting enough sleep, you need some sick organizational skills if you want to pull off the greatest party of the year.


Luckily, there’s an app for that. Just like we rely on tech to organize so many other parts of our lives, Greek organizations around the country are signing up for GreekXperience because it gives you comprehensive tools for planning, organizing, and executing events. Using a fraternity and sorority management app like this one will only enhance your Greek life experience.


Instead of having to track people down for RSVPs, sign-ups, or event post-event feedback, they can just pull out their phones and click a button. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Find out for yourself how GreekXperience can help you to manage your chapter.

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