Bonding activities between sorority sisters are a vital part of keeping a healthy sorority chapter. Lately, green initiatives have become more popular on college campuses. As a result, sororities are finding ways to engage students in living more sustainable lifestyles. 

Eco-friendly bonding events can strengthen current bonds with your sorority sisters. 

Check out these sorority bonding ideas that sustain the earth and are a lot of fun. For more fun, outdoorsy bonding ideas for you and your sorority sisters, check out 4 Fun Ideas to Bond with Your Sorority Sisters This Spring Semester!

Sorority Sisters Bonding Ideas #1: Scavenger Hunts

Naturally, scavenger hunts are a great way to promote sustainable practices and bring sisters closer together. Divide your sorority sisters into teams and challenge yourselves to learn more about sustainable practices. Include topics like composting, recycling, and reducing waste.

You can hold this type of event anywhere! Your college campus, a public park, a forest, a beach, etc., are all great choices. On top of that, each environment has its own lessons and unique experiences. In addition, you might choose to have the event over a single afternoon, or stretch it out across weekly meetings. 

For example, at a beach, participants can learn about protecting bodies of water. In a forest, they can learn about protecting plants. In a park, people can learn how small areas of nature can make a difference. 

Sorority Sisters Bonding Activities  #2: Wildlife Exploration

Engaging with nature can be a great bonding activity for sorority sisters. Spending time away from what you’re used to and learning how to interact with nature can create memorable moments between sisters.

Going camping or taking a hike allows people to learn about local environments, how to engage with flora and fauna, and how to protect nature. When going camping, some of the activities that can be done on these trips include canoeing, fishing, bird watching, and tubing.

Sorority Event Ideas #3: Community Service

Philanthropy is the lifeblood of Greek life. Community engagement is essential for any Greek organization, but there are also ways to include sustainability. For example, sororities can organize sustainability events where members can clean up local areas such as beaches, parks, empty lots, camp areas, and rivers, among many other alternatives. 

Chapters can also host community engagement activities that teach participants about sustainable practices. For example, members could work with their campus’s sustainability office to host activities that engage local communities in learning about sustainability. By working together to educate others, sisters can remember more about each other and open themselves up to one another.

Sorority Bonding Activities #4: Gardening

Gardening is one of the best ways to get a chapter involved in sustainable practices. Creating a garden that the branch can take care of helps the sisters learn about caring for plant life and how they can work together to create pleasant memories of working hard to maintain something beautiful. In addition, by creating a shared interest in a group effort, members are more likely to work together and learn more about sustainable living.

Gardens can be a great way to showcase the personalities of different members by allowing them to develop them in their way. One option is to have members work by choosing a specific plant to take care of that represents them.

Help the Environment While Strengthening Sisterly Bonds!

Joining a sorority means that you will establish long-lasting bonds with multiple like-minded sisters. Working on those friendships is important for them to last a lifetime. These bonding activities are perfect for this, as you’ll be able to learn more about the people around you, the world you live in, and even yourself. GreekXperience is dedicated to offering insights and suggestions to ensure you have a worthwhile Greek experience. Reach out today to see how you can get more involved in your Greek organization.


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