If you are looking to improve your fraternity, you might not have considered how your new member program affects the active class. However, your chapter’s new member program matters. The new member program sets up the foundation for the newly initiated active class. Therefore, it’s essential to get it right. 

Why does the new program matter? The new program matters because it can either help or hurt the following aspects of your fraternity:

  • Brotherhood
  • Membership retention
  • Membership quality

Keep reading to find more information on how the associate member program affects these aspects and why it matters. 

Why Does the Fraternity New Program Matter?

Below, you will find more information about each of your organization’s aspects that the associate member program affects and what you need to consider to make sure your associate member program is up-to-par.

1. Brotherhood

One aspect of your fraternity that can be affected by the new member program is brotherhood. If you are not creating activities between the associate members to foster brotherhood amongst them, this will be an issue when they become active members. 

You want to make sure that you have weekly brotherhood activities so that the associate members can get to know each other and develop those life-long brotherly bonds. 

Even more important is encouraging active members to bond with the associate members. Therefore, it is also essential to incorporate an aspect of the new member process that allows actives and associate members to bond.

This is important for voting reasons, so when people are voting on an associate member, enough people have interacted with that associate member to get a sense of who they are. Additionally, it’s essential to create a sense of brotherhood amongst the whole organization. Remember, some of the associate members will become active members. Therefore, it’s important that they feel comfortable within the organization as a whole. 

2. Membership Retention

The previous point brings me to my next point: having an effective new member program will help increase membership retention. If newly initiated brothers do not feel connected to anyone in their associate member class or with any of the active brothers, why would they stick around? That’s another reason why focusing on brotherhood is so important: it helps with membership retention.

Furthermore, the new member program can either foster a sense of gratitude amongst newly initiated brothers or not. People value organizations they had to work hard to get into. That isn’t to say that you should be hazing members, ever. But you should be making sure they are completing the activities that they need to complete and doing well on their fraternal quizzes. 

You want to make sure that members feel they worked hard to get into the organization and that they made it a priority in their life during the new member process. Otherwise, members are likely to take your organization for granted once they make it in. 

3. Quality of Members

Encouraging hard work won’t just improve membership retention; it will also improve the quality of your members. If you provide challenging tasks for associate members to complete, such as creating a fundraising event and passing fraternal quizzes, you will get to see who is willing to step up to the plate. You’ll see who is willing to take a leadership role in your organization. You’ll also see who is willing to drop the ball.

You need to set up your new member program in a way where you can see the level of involvement a potential member is going to have in your fraternity. Making the new member program difficult will let you objectively analyze who is invested and who isn’t. It will also show you who is hardworking. Being able to weed out and reject those who do not fit your organization’s standards is necessary to improve the quality of your members.

Wrapping Up

Now you know why the new member program is so important. It sets the stage for the new active class and their investment in the fraternity as a whole. The new member program can either create members that are more invested or that take the fraternity for granted. Therefore, it’s important to make it challenging without hazing. Ultimately, you want members that are going to contribute to the fraternity.

If you need help with voting, make sure to connect your campus with GreekXperience. GreekXperience has customizable voting to help you once it comes time to vote on associate members. You’ll also be able to stay in contact with associate members via the app to develop those brotherly bonds further!


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