The Greek life climate has changed significantly in the last few years, and being aware of those changes is essential for fraternities to thrive on any college campus.

While “college” and “fraternity” are historically synonymous with drinking and partying, times are changing. It’s up to your fraternity to adapt so you can continue spending your college years with the guys who have become your family. 

Memorable Dry Frat Party Ideas for Your Chapter

Fortunately, many great ideas for parties and socials don’t need alcohol to be fun and memorable. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Ice skating social

Try to get a group rate from the local ice rink and host a sorority for a chilly social event! Do an open skate, where everyone is on the ice at once, or organize games and activities. If you’re feeling spirited, make it a themed affair. 

2. Greek Olympics 

A classic fraternity social event that can include fraternities and sororities, the Greek Olympics is an effective way to bond with other Greek chapters at your university, raise money for a good cause, and have a great time. The more people you can get involved with, the better!

Fun and memorable events at Greek Olympics include tug of war, basketball shootout, relay races, limbo, and a pie-eating contest. 

3. Bowling

Check with your local bowling alley to rent out a couple of lanes or the whole place for an hour or two. Then, invite a sorority and make it 80s-themed with prizes for the best dressed, best dance moves, worst bowler, etc. 

4. Rent a movie theater 

See a midnight movie with your brothers and new members at the local theater. Local theaters may offer discounted rates for groups, especially after hours when most theaters are empty.

5. Carnival night

Carnival night is another great way to raise money for your philanthropy or invest in your chapter. 

Invite all the sororities and fraternities to attend, charge a small ticket fee, and get the games going. Our favorites include ring toss, balloon darts, basketball free throw, and skee ball. 

Offer authentic carnival food like corn dogs, cotton candy, lemonade, and funnel cake. 

6. BBQ & games

Get your best grillmaster on the BBQ, cook some burgers and dogs, and dig out your lawn games for a fun cookout. If it’s post-rush, invite your new members and alumni. Or you can team up with a sorority and make it a social event to meet new people.

Iconic Frat Talent Show Ideas

Talent shows are a great way to unite Greek life for some good wholesome competition. No booze necessary! 

You can host a talent show for other chapters to participate in or invite sorority members to be guest judges and have your active members perform their best skills and tricks. Either way, gathering your community members together is an excellent way to bond, meet new people, and showcase your strength and resilience as a Greek community. 

Stand Out in the Community with GreekXperience

The misconceptions around Greek life and partying can be frustrating for chapters who work hard to maintain a good reputation on campus and within the community. Instead of getting discouraged, work even harder to showcase the positive aspects of your fraternity and what you give back to the university and city. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration, we’ve shared some cool fundraising ideas that your fraternity can host or participate in to help the community showcase your philanthropic qualities. Also, check out our blog for more resources on building a positive reputation in the community and with PNMs. 
GreekXperience is here to serve the Greek life communities on campuses nationwide. Our platform helps Greek letter organizations attract quality recruits, improve their chapter philanthropic work, and establish relationships beyond the university setting.


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