It’s becoming more challenging to be in a Greek organization, particularly a fraternity, in today’s climate without being subject to some degree of criticism and harsh judgment. For decades, fraternities have faced numerous challenges that have, unfortunately, built a negative reputation around fraternities and Greek life as a whole. 

It’s important to remember that many still hold important values amidst so many fraternities being cut. They want to use their time and resources to do positive things for their community. Unfortunately, due to that reputation, many fraternities aren’t getting the chance. 

If your chapter wants to be proactive in protecting its charter and presence at your university, keep reading for tips and strategies to maintain a solid reputation and recruit the right members.

How to Protect Your Fraternity Now & in the Future 

If you are concerned about the status of your fraternity on campus or with Nationals, here are a few ways to be proactive to protect your chapter from any trouble.  

1. Rely on alumni

Local alums are more valuable than you realize. They’ve experienced Greek life on campus, gone alum in good standing with Nationals, and continue to experience the chapter change and evolve. 

Not only do alumni provide a unique perspective, but they can take a more prominent role in supervising events and gatherings that may become out of control. 

Showing this sense of community during and after your college career highlights fraternities’ positive social effects on their careers.

Reach out to local alumni and ask them to start attending more events your chapter hosts. Philanthropy events, social gatherings, and chapter meetings are a great place to start for your alumni to get involved, take in their experience and wisdom, and find allies who are also passionate about keeping your fraternity alive. 

2. Prioritize Safety Officers and Monitors

When you think of fraternities, many portrayals of them by the media involve alcohol. Plenty of fraternities hold dry events or monitor alcohol consumption to ensure that everyone is safe. 

Many fraternities and campuses require safety monitors for events held at frat houses, but taking the initiative and prioritizing safety right away is important. This will show your university and the people who spend time at your frat house that you care about their safety and well-being. 

Remember, electing a safety officer isn’t enough; you have to follow through. Keep emergency numbers on hand, hold your fraternity brothers accountable, and enforce the rules you set out for your events. 

3. Focus on education and philanthropy 

Focus on why you came to college in the first place — to get an education, experience the world outside your own town, spend time with like-minded people, and prepare for your future career. 

Suggest to your chapter’s executive board that your fraternity should focus on hosting philanthropy events and immerse yourselves in schoolwork and other on-campus events for a semester or two. 

This will show your university that you are focused on your studies and are committed to helping improve the campus culture by showing face as a Greek organization that does more than just party or mingle with other Greeks. 

Why Recruitment Matters Now More Than Ever for Fraternities and Sororities

It’s never been more critical to correctly recruit quality new members for your organization. New members carry on the legacy once you’ve graduated and moved on, so finding like-minded individuals with a solid moral compass, integrity, and character is the best way to safeguard your organization from getting shut down.

During Rush Week, or any other time you’re recruiting for your organization, try to dig deeper with the PNMs you speak with to better gauge their personality, goals, and values. The class clown who has tons of drinking stories but expresses no interest in his classes or major is not the pledge you want.

Recruit Responsibly with GreekXperience 

It’s a sensitive time to be in a fraternity, so the decisions you make moving forward will impact your chapter for years to come. If your Recruitment process needs tweaking in order to find quality pledges, GreekXperience can help.

Our platform helps Greek organizations recruit quality PNMs that fit the chapter’s interests and values, improve retention to impact your reputation positively, and align member values to drive impressive chapter results on campus and in the community.


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