There’s nothing quite like gathering your brothers around the table and sharing a meal. Hosting a frat house Friendsgiving is about so much more than great food (although that’s a major part of it). Hosting a Friendsgiving for your frat house is about bringing community members together. It’s a great way to celebrate the year and what’s to come, while also strengthening community bonds. If you’re thinking about hosting a frat house Thanksgiving this year, here’s what you should know about organizing it.

Benefits of Hosting a Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving takes all of the joy and warmth of the holidays and brings it to your friendships. Friendsgiving is perfect for members of the frat who may not be able to go home for the holidays this year. Plus, you get to enjoy all of your holiday favorites with your fellow brothers. Benefits of hosting a Friendsgiving at your frat house this season include:

  • Giving new pledges a chance to get to know one another
  • Strengthen ties between already-existing members
  • Creating a positive reputation for your chapter
  • Fostering an environment of solidarity and connection among members
  • Giving your community a chance to slow down, show thanks, and share an appreciation for your chapter

Don’t know where to begin when planning a Friendsgiving? Understood. Here are some ideas for an easeful get-together this season.

Friendsgiving Ideas

Need some ideas for your Friendsgiving gathering? First things first, set the date and time for this year’s Friendsgiving. Make sure you choose a date and time that works for a majority of your members. Once the date is decided, set the plans into motion. 

Plan a Theme

For an added flare to this year’s Friendsgiving, choose a fun theme! Friendsgiving is typically more laid back than a traditional Thanksgiving, so there’s little pressure. Think sweater-weather, NFL, or other fall-related ideas.

Create an Invite List

You get to decide who to invite to your Friendsgiving. Of course, be sure to invite all members of your chapter. You can also choose to invite a sister sorority or keep it insulated to just members of your fraternity. Be sure to give an RSVP date so you can delegate meal items to your guests.

Delegate Who Brings What to the Event

It wouldn’t be the true spirit of Friendsgiving without a proper potluck. This part takes a little extra planning. Of course, Friendsgiving is based on a traditional Thanksgiving menu. So work together to figure out what foods to bring to your event. Make sure all bases are covered! A turkey, sides, and desserts are all a must.

Promote Your Friendsgiving Event

Make sure people know when and where your event is happening. It’s a good idea to promote your Friendsgiving on social media or with fliers posted around campus. Without a promotion strategy, your event may not have the turn-out you’d hoped.

Work Together to Cook & Clean

Don’t leave anyone hanging, do your part! Whether you’re more skilled at cooking or cleaning, don’t be afraid to get involved. Cooking and cleaning are bonding activities, too! Work together, and you’re sure to have an awesome Friendsgiving.

Friendsgiving Food Ideas

With the right teamwork and planning, you can have a delicious and memorable Friendsgiving. Cook all of your Thanksgiving favorites like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, casserole, cranberries, and more. For desserts, you can buy or bake pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate-mousse pie, or other delectable treats. In some cases, buying store-bought or catered items is a bit easier on the budget. It also works well in a time crunch. So don’t stress! Your Friendsgiving will be exactly what it needs to be.

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