To improve the quality of a fraternity or sorority, it’s important to educate potential new members. Greek chapters need to post healthy numbers. After all, membership is the bloodline of any Greek chapter. You probably know this which is why you’re wondering how to best accomplish this.


When you want to effectively recruit for your chapter, values and interests matter. There are some best practices to keep in mind when it comes to educating potential new member classes. Below are the top 10 tips to educate potential new members.


1. Create a Plan

It’s good to have a plan going in as to how you are going to educate the potential new member classes. Otherwise, you end up not educating them at all. You might tell them when the orientation is and when they can apply, but educating them as to what makes your chapter unique will be lost and this is when you run into problems with them not sticking around, or not being a good fit in general.


2. Establish Values

There is no reason to create a cloud of mystery around your fraternity or sorority. The overall experience is going to be based upon the values that are present within your fraternity or sorority. Establish these early on within the education process. This way, if someone doesn’t identify with your values, they will move on to a different chapter.


3. Have a Greek Member Talk

Have Greek members within your fraternity or sorority talk to potential new members one on one. Let the member be a face for your chapter. Allowing the new members to ask questions will help to clear up the air about any issues they may wonder about. Although you may have a lot of information on the website, many people still prefer talking to an actual person who has been through the experience.


4. Discuss the Mission

The mission of your fraternity or sorority is important. It is what helps to establish the values and what you focus on more than anything else. People need to identify with the mission in order to be a good match for your chapter.


5. Talk about Philanthropy

Not only does philanthropy help the environment, the community, or a particular organization, the volunteering also looks great on graduate school applications.


When you’re educating potential new members, be sure to go over some of the top events that your fraternity or sorority supports. This will tell people what they can expect when they join and determine if it fits in with their own values and interests.


6. Express What’s Different

There are likely going to be a lot of fraternities and sororities on property. Be sure that you talk about what’s different from yours.


7. Go Over Anti-Hazing Policy

There’s a more prominent focus around the country regarding anti-hazing. However, many potential new members are still concerned about the presence. By going over the policy, it can put a lot of people at ease.


8. Focus on Collegiate Support

Your chapter may provide a significant amount of collegiate support to ensure that members are able to find a good balance between school and community. Whether you offer tutoring or simply mentorship, this should be discussed.


9. Offer an Open House Orientation

Schedule an open house orientation where potential new members will have the ability to come in, explore the house, and talk to a variety of members. This will help everyone to see how the various values play out in real life.


10. Ask an Alumni to Appear

Potential new members often have the question of how is this going to help me? By asking alumni to appear, it provides an older person’s opinion. They will have already gone through the four years and can talk about how it was a benefit for their future as well as for getting through the total college experience.


In the end, you want to make sure that the PNMs are being educated properly so that you can provide the best experience for not only all new members but also for everyone who is already within your chapter.


Get started today and set your chapter in the right direction for improved success or contact us and see what we can do for you!