How To Update Chapter Interests

There are two ways to update your Chapter Interests. Either by your Members Portal or by switching views in the Admin. Below we will show you the steps for both.

Important Note: Chapter Interests are open to editing once every term. Once you save your interests for the term, they’re set for that term and will be open to editing the following term. Terms are set by your Chapter Admin so check with them for the exact date as they may be different for your campus.

Update Interests via Admin Portal

  1. Login to GreekXperience at
  2. Click Manage on the top right corner

  3. Navigate to the Interests section
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on the edit icon (pencil over blue background)
  5. Hold and drag the center icon to reorder your Chapter Interests by the priority you determine as a chapter
  6. Add a 0-100 value to the Interests to give a weighted value to the Interests
  7. Be sure to click the Save button

Update Interests via your Members Portal

  1. Login to GreekXperience at
  2. Navigate to My Chapter (in the left panel)
  3. Click on the edit icon on your cover photo
  4. Select Edit Interests
  5. Edit and Save once complete

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