How to Share Files

Keeping important files and records accessible is essential for effective chapter operations. We’ve made it possible to make the most of Google Drive to share your files with Audiences managed in GreekXP.

Let’s get started!

Make sure you have a Google account with the files you’re looking to share ready. This can be a different account from the account you’ve registered with on GreekXperience i.e. [email protected]

Next, log in to your manage portal, which is available to Chapter Admins — learn how to do that in this article.

From the manage portal, navigate to Files and click Connect to Google Drive button on the top.

Select the account you have the files to share

Once synced, choose the files you would like to share. Although all other Chapter Admins can see the GDrive folders and content, only files selected for sharing will appear to users on GreekXP.

Select the Audience you would like to share the file with. You may choose to only show content to your Associate Members (pledges), Active Members, or Alumni, or choose to display it to all user types.

You may remove files you’re sharing, edit descriptions, or Audience visibility by choosing the Actions menu.

An organized chapter is a successful chapter and we hope this feature gives your organization the easy-to-use file sharing you need to make GreekXperience your one-stop platform.

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