How To Restrict Visibility for FERPA

  1. Log in to your Campus Admin portal
  2. Navigate to Roles under the Manage section
  3. Select Administrator from Type
  4. Choose from Campus, Council, or Chapter from the Institution Type you want to update
  5. Create a New Role if not already to edit privileges
    • If you need help creating a new Role, read our Hot To Create and Assign Roles article
  6. Navigate to the FERPA section and elect specific privileges for this Role
  7. Click Save

Important Notes:

  • Default Roles of Campus Admin, Council Admin, Chapter Admin have all privileges preset to on. If you want to edit these, create a new Role with the custom functionalities you want and assign this Role to the User in the Admin Users section. For more details on how to do this here’s a link to How To Create and Assign Roles

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