How to Create a Campus Event

You can create a Campus level event and customize the frequency and audience easily from your Campus Admin portal.


  1. Login to your Campus Admin Portal
  2. Go to Events section on the navigation
  3. Create a New Event

You’ll then be presented with a popup where you’ll complete all the information for your events like name, time, and date. Beyond the basic, there are other aspects of GXP events that can make the most of your events!

Recurring Events

  1. Click Recurring checkbox
  2. Choose the frequency from Repeat drop-down
  3. Depending on your selection you could add Repeat frequency and end date

Adding Geo-location

  • Adding the location to your events help increase attendance. We connect with Google Maps so it’s as easy as just tying in the full address to the location field.

Event Types and Audiences

  • Event type you can choose from a variety of options, these options are connected to anything, in particular, rather just help categorize various events
  • Event Audiences let you specifically invite or show your event to set the audience. So if you select All, it will be shown to all audiences. If you select PNM, the event will be shown to only PNM audiences on GXP

Calendar View

  • To help you organize everything, you’ll be able to choose from Month, Week, or Day views

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