How To Configure Bid Day

  1. Login to GreekXperience at
  2. Navigate to Manage on the top right corner
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  1. Select your Council
  2. Navigate to the Settings section
  3. Select Bid Accept Restricted from the options – that’s what we call Bid Day (a specific date where PNMs can accept their bid)
  1. Navigate to Bid Settings
  2. In the Bid Accept Restricted tab, choose the term you will want to Add Accept Date
  3. Choose Add Reveal Date and select a Date

Important Notes:

  • If you select Bid Accept Restricted setting and leave the term Accept Date blank, the system will default to show bids to PNMs as they are sent by chapters without restrictions on visibility or acceptance. For example, you have Bid Accept Restricted in fall but allow direct bidding for the rest of the year. In this case, add an Accept Date for your fall semester and leave the other terms with blank Bid Accept dates
  • Once a date has passed, you cannot adjust the Bid Accept Date of the term. So plan your dates ahead before the term starts to create the best bid experience for your PNMs.

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