How to Archive PNMs

Archiving PNMs helps keep your list of PNMs for recruitment clean! It also helps you get a head start on the next recruitment term, all on autopilot.

At the end of every term, GreekXperience will change the status of all PNMs who were marked “unqualified” by Campus Admin to “Archive”. The same “Archive” flag will be added to PNMs who did not receive nor accept their bid.

What happens next is where the magic happens!

GreekXperience will automatically move those PNMs to a section labeled “Archived” and when the next term starts, GreekXperience will automatically email these PNMs to invite them to re-register for the current recruitment term.

PNM’s will have a simple, one-button email to re-register for recruitment, and they will be prompted to update their details like GPA and accepting GPA Release Forms.

And just like that, the previously Archived PNM is moved to the Pending Review tab in your Campus Admin portal.

Meanwhile, Chapters will be able to search for Archived PNMs, but they’ll be shown with an “Archived” status on their GXP profile. Chapters who bid Archived PNMs will trigger the same process above where PNM will need to re-register for recruitment in order to view or accept the bid.

We believe strongly in 365 recruitment, but it shouldn’t be a drag to accomplish year-round recruitment. We at GXP hope this Archive and re-register process helps improve our recruitment results by building upon our past community efforts while keeping all the data clean to easily manage community reporting.

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