Sororities and fraternities are often marginalized based on what people see in the movies, watch on TV, or hear about from those who did not capitalize on the benefits of Greek life. In all actuality, Greek life on a college campus shouldn’t be denoted as the pinnacle of alcohol abuse, hazing, or other cultural stereotypes. In reality, Greek sorority/fraternity houses are home to college students who strive to create long-lasting relationships that will aid them in the longevity of their career. 

Not only does the network of Greek life run deep and extend nationwide, it provides college students with all they’ll need to create a trusted group of confidants that instill pride, confidence, and belief in who they are. So, it’s about time to debunk the myths of joining a sorority and fraternity. Rest assured that when you go Greek, you reap the rewards of companionship, commitment, and cultivating belief in yourself. Let’s get started on debunking these outdated myths.

1. You’re Paying to Have Friends

While this perception may be understandable in nature, it’s ultimately ignorant in its cognizance. If this is the case, wouldn’t paying to go to college in the first place equate to buying friends? This line of thinking plagues the very essence of the purpose of Greek life. Sororities and fraternities teach young adults how to build confidence. Acquiring friends doesn’t solely depend on the situation one finds themself in, it depends on how confident people are in themselves, which in turn leads to a presence that others want to associate with. All in all, paying to be in situations with like-minded individuals does not equate to buying friendship. 

2. All of Your Friends Will Be Greek

This is simply a matter of who you choose to spend the majority of your time with. While you will develop friendships with your brothers or sisters because there is a more timely opportunity to do so, you still have the opportunity to make friends around campus. Whether it be in class, at the cafeteria, or during recreational activities, the friendships you develop are solely dependent on your choices. The accuracy of this statement varies greatly from person to person. 

3. You’re Wasting Your Time if You Aren’t in a “Top House”

All Greek houses extend opportunities for young adults to create a social network, develop friendships, and learn about commitment. The prestige of a sorority or fraternity doesn’t solely depend on who throws the crazier parties. At the end of the day, college life is about both enjoying and making the most of your experience. Choose the Greek house that represents who you are and what you believe in, not the one that everyone wants to conform to. Greek life is all about instilling a sense of individuality which, in turn, creates a sense of community. After all, communities are all composed of different people who share common goals. Choose the fraternity or sorority that best represents your beliefs and values. You can’t go wrong!

4. Greek Life Is Superficial

Let’s be honest, you can find superficiality and narcissism simply by going to the local grocery store. If you look hard enough for anything, you can find it anywhere. But, associating Greek life with the stigma that all of its participants are superficial is just plain ignorance. Greek life teaches young adults to believe in themselves and to commit to their goals so that they can have good self-esteem and overcome the many obstacles life will throw at them–after their chapter in college has come to an end. College life is about finding yourself, and Greek life takes this belief and provides steps toward becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. 

5. Hazing Is Inevitable

“Oh how the turntables have turned” – Michael Scott. While it is true that hazing used to be a staple in Greek life, the majority of universities have cracked down hard on the practice of hazing new recruits. It’s not allowed, plain and simple. News stories have revolutionized college life, and in turn many of the individuals who preyed on insecure recruits would no longer be allowed at the university, let alone in Greek sorority/fraternity houses. Rest assured that hazing is no longer a concern at many universities. Members of sororities and fraternities are now more likely to take you out for a bite to eat than waste time making you feel bad about yourself. After all, the goal of Greek life in college is to instill confidence in sorority and fraternity members!

Want To Learn More About Greek Life?

There are a multitude of advantages that college students can experience when joining a fraternity or sorority. Now that you understand how outdated and just plain wrong these myths truly are, it’s time to find the right Greek house for you! GreekXperience is the first all-in-one platform designed exclusively for Greek life. Join now and learn more about how Greek life has transformed many men and women into some of the most renowned names in history! 


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