Community service is a character building and life enriching experience. It is at the heart of Greek life. Philanthropy is another form of community service. According to the Merriam-webster Dictionary, “it is an active effort to promote human welfare”. Anything a member does to better someone else’s is an act of service. Fraternities and sororities usually partner with their international or national chapters for charitable causes and service within their local communities. 

There are several community service projects, and charities often supported by fraternities and sororities. Serving one another through leadership and management is the first level of service. The next would be the fundraisers and charitable events they do to support certain local organizations. The last level of service is more physical, for example cleaning up parks, tutoring at local schools, supporting food banks, and/or delivering needed items to local shelters. This list is not all-encompassing, it serves as an example of the types of projects supported by fraternities/sororities.

What to expect when volunteering is the benefit to the whole person. When a student chooses Greek life, they are saying they want to do more than just study and get good grades. They are saying they want to grow as a whole person and give back to their communities.   


Volunteering is a perfect opportunity to connect with the brothers and sisters who are part of the Greek life and to engage with the community. A shared purpose and/or activity can build personal relationships and/or strengthen them. If a member is shy, they can learn social skills through engagement with others and working toward a common goal together. Community service is also a great way to connect with and build relationships with the local community. Greek members’ lives become enriched by building relationships within the Greek community and engaging with the local community.   

Good for the Mind and Body

Community Service positively affects the mind and body. Self-confidence is a byproduct of helping others. When we help others, we feel good about ourselves and those around us. It is also a natural combatant of depression because of the emotional lift from helping others and according to the Mayo Clinic, the physical engagement releases the feel good endorphins. Physical activity also helps us to stay in shape and be healthy. Service projects like cleaning up a park or helping with Habitat for Humanity will increase physical activity and essentially lead to a healthier life. By participating in the Greek community service requirements, members receive essential life giving benefits for helping others.    

Career Advancement

Career advancement might be another benefit. For instance, employers like to hire people who will take initiative and reach out to help their community. Depending on the project, volunteering can be a good way to try out a job to see if it would be a good fit. Whether or not a new career path is found, the skills learned while doing a community service project are marketable and should be on a resume. 


Last but not least, volunteering is fun. It is an opportunity to spend time with friends and family while helping other people. Although it may be taxing, depending on the chosen project, the work will be rewarding and uplifting. Community service can involve everything from dog walking to planting a community garden. Love kids and want to find time to spend with them? Volunteer as a camp counselor. Find the things most enjoyed by your chapter, organize it, and do it. Have fun with it.   

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