College Greek life is full of memorable moments. Chapter meetings may not sound like the most exciting facet of Greek life, given the name. But, this is where pledges new and old get to connect with one another, and map out some of the most important upcoming events for the semester. 

In essence, a chapter meeting is when active members of Greek houses gather to talk about upcoming events or problems. Many chapter meetings also hold a focus on voting on matters regarding chapter bylaws, standing rules, or electing members for leadership positions. 

New Member Meetings vs. Chapter Meetings

As a new pledge, it may seem a little confusing given all of the meetings you’ll have to attend during your first few weeks. However, there are some distinct differences between new member meetings and chapter meetings. Both are important to attend. However, chapter meetings are truly when greek houses come together to discuss the chapter’s most important matters. 

New Member Meetings

During new member meetings, new pledges will learn basic information about their greek house. This information includes the following:

  • Who are the founders
  • What date the house was founded
  • The university where the greek house was founded at
  • What are the symbols of the house

New members will also learn how their individual chapter functions and takes part in the local community. These functions will include the following:

  • What leadership positions are available
  • How the big/little process works
  • What are the rules/laws of the chapter

Chapter meetings on the other hand, are more focused on current events and focuses within the chapter and how the chapter may be improved.

Chapter Meetings

As a new member, chances are you will be excluded from ritual ceremonies and big/little conversations during chapter meetings. But don’t be discouraged! This is a standard process when you go Greek. Once you have been initiated into the chapter, you will find that you will be a part of all of these processes. Chapter meetings typically occur once a week, and may vary based on time and location depending on your Greek house. However, most chapter meetings will typically be held within your Greek house, which makes things a little simpler for newcomers. 

You can expect your chapter meetings to be held at the same location at the same time throughout the duration of your college experience and membership with the house. The length of these meetings usually depends on the agenda, if there are guest speakers, what type of chapter it is, and/or if there are chapter elections taking place. More often than not, a chapter meeting will last anywhere from one to two hours. 

What Happens At Chapter Meetings?

At all chapter meetings you can expect the executive leadership team of your house to go over their announcements, with the president of the chapter making their announcements last. Chapter meetings may also include activities that your chapter does in small groups or as a whole. In most cases, your chapter will break into small groups and discuss topics such as body awareness, bullying, drug awareness, self-confidence, and more. 

Is There A Dress Code?

As a new member you will learn about your chapter’s recommended or required attire for your meetings. Normally, attire will entirely depend on what type of meeting it is. You can expect dress codes to range from casual, business casual, to formal business attire. Again, the dress code typically depends on whether the meeting is formal or informal, meaning that you should always double-check with your brothers/sisters to find out what you should be wearing. 

Are Chapter Meetings Mandatory?

Attendance for chapter meetings is required for all new members and those who have already been initiated. However, chapters will be understanding in regards to a family or medical emergency.

Want to Go Greek?

Greek life is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, create new memories, and give back to the community during your time in college. For more information regarding greek life, greek houses, or even college life as a whole, discover your brotherhood or sisterhood at GreekXperience now! GreekXperience is the first all-in-one platform designed exclusively for Greek life. Current members and chapters can also utilize GreekXperience to manage chapter dues and related collections accounting. Go Greek today! 


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