Recruiting new members into your Greek organization takes a certain amount of time, effort, and money. Just like any recruiter, you’re competing with other organizations, and it’s necessary to understand the costs of your efforts. Yet it’s easy to misunderstand these costs if you don’t consider factors such as the issue of poor member retention, which afflicts many fraternities. Let’s look at some suggestions for calculating the true cost of Greek Recruitment.


The Importance of Member Retention


When you plan your recruitment strategy, it’s often tempting to cast as wide a net as possible. Isn’t your goal to attract as many new members as possible? The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t consider that not all potential new members are a good fit for every organization. When you “succeed” in recruiting such members, they are not likely to remain for long. Another undesirable outcome is ending up with members who are lukewarm about fraternity membership and don’t really contribute to the organization.


This type of recruitment strategy is more expensive than it appears. When you lose members, you then spend additional time and funds recruiting new members to take their place. When members aren’t a good fit, more enthusiastic members pick up the slack and have more to do. That’s why a more focused approach to recruitment is ultimately more effective and reduces your costs.


Recruiting Members Strategically



A strategic approach to recruitment means targeting members who are a good fit for your organization. There’s no way to do this with perfect accuracy. However, there are ways to recruit in a manner that’s more efficient and cost-effective. Here are a few tips to accomplish this.


  • Carefully consider the values and goals of your organization. Think about what type of members will contribute most to its growth.
  • Be as open as possible with potential new members. Don’t distort things simply to encourage more people to apply.
  • In any recruitment materials such as your website or printed materials, make sure the style and content accurately reflect your organization. This helps you attract recruits with compatible values.
  • Be visible to your best potential recruits. Make sure you’re visible in places where the most likely recruits will see you. For example, if your fraternity is sports-minded, make sure you place flyers and tables near the fitness center or rec field.
  • Test the effectiveness of different approaches. Like any type of marketing, it’s essential to pay attention to results. Note how people respond to ads, flyers, or words used at recruitment events. Find out what type of language and style appeals best to your target audience.
  • Access data to find students who are the best potential recruits for your organization. GreekXperience has many tools to help you identify the most appropriate potential members.


Make the Recruitment Process More Cost-Effective


When calculating recruitment costs, it’s important to consider the resources you’re wasting on ineffective methods. The problem of low member retention is part of this. An effective and efficient recruitment process doesn’t always mean finding the newest members. It means finding people who are a good fit for your organization and who will remain contributing members for their entire college career.


To help you measure the true costs of Greek recruitment, it’s necessary to revisit your current strategy. Take a close look at the methods you’re using and the results you’re seeing. It’s also important to look at your retention statistics. If these are lower than you’d like, the answer isn’t always amping up your recruitment budget. It’s often more effective to target your recruitment efforts more precisely.


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