College Greek life is not only a great way to give back to the community and create new memories, it’s also the perfect way to develop new relationships with friends that can last a lifetime. The big & little dynamic is one of the most integral in Greek houses, and can also be the most fun you and your big/little have ever had!

There are endless moments throughout the college career path of Greek life that will prepare you for life after college. Being a part of Greek life allows you to experience the benefits of sisterhood and see life from an entirely different perspective. Finding the right big or little will prove to be one of the most memorable moments of your experience in a Greek sorority. 

What Are “Bigs” & “Littles”?

From recruitment, to bid day, to initiation, and all that comes after, sisters of the Greek sorority will love the experience of sisterhood and giving back to the community while preparing themselves for their careers. As someone who has just graduated from high school, or has just pledged to a sorority house, you may be unfamiliar with what bigs and littles are. 

A big is an older member of the chapter, usually a junior or senior, who will act as a mentor to her little (a woman who recently joined the chapter). A big implements her college experience and sorority membership to help their little transition into college/sorority life. The right big will also encourage their little’s personal and professional growth while caring for their well-being.  

Essentially, the role of a little is to act as a sponge and soak in all of the mentoring, advice, and experience from the big. The right mentor will always prepare a little for college life, Greek life, and life beyond college. In most cases, the right big will prepare the little to become a big herself!

Does the Perfect Match Exist?

No one’s perfect, but that doesn’t mean that perfect matches don’t exist! Granted, you may have some differences in personality and character with your big or little, but you both ultimately made the decision to go Greek. That decision in itself reveals a lot about morals, values, and ethics, most of which you will certainly share with your big or little. At the end of the day, the perfect match comes down to not only similarities in likes and preferences, but differences in who you are as young women. After all, opposites are known to attract! 

Whether you have found your doppelganger or the yin to your yang, you are both pursuing a college life in which you can prepare yourself for a professional career, and give back and have some fun in the process. Your match is what you make it. If anything, have some fun with it!

Finding Your Match

The search for finding your match can be a long process, and might even be frustrating at times. But don’t get discouraged! When you meet the right person in your Greek sorority, everything will click! Meeting the right match means finding your other half in your sorority, be it your exact opposite or your spitting image. Bigs and littles will always share some differences, but this will serve to balance them out in the perfect way! 

Beyond the Surface

You’ve already both made the decision to attend the same school, join the same chapter, and maybe you even share the same major or classes. But beyond the surface, there is so much to learn about your big or little that could lay the groundwork for a lifelong friendship! 

In greek life, a big will always act as a role model and mentor, but is also that family away from home, a shoulder to cry on, and someone you can confide in. Being a little is the same in many aspects. After all, we’re just people at the end of the day! From rooting for each other to offering comfort, this synergy is the most important part of sharing a connection with someone. 

Beyond College

People come into your life for a reason, be it as a learning experience or the missing piece of your puzzle. Everyone crosses paths with those who will serve a great purpose in their lives and teach you things that will transform your character and perspective. Ultimately, the big and little experience does not just disappear after college. 

The memories you will create, the experiences you will share, and the friendship that forms as a result can last a lifetime. Bigs and littles are mutually influential in each other’s lives, and often go on to remain close friends for their entire lives. So don’t be scared or anxious about finding your perfect match. You’ll know when things click!

Ready to Find Your Match?

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