If you want to recruit more members into your Greek organization, it’s important to use the most efficient methods. No one has unlimited resources of time or money for recruiting and you’re always competing with other fraternities. GreekXperience offers innovative technology to let you make better use of your time. Not only is it easier to recruit new members but, even more importantly, you’ll find members who are most suitable for your particular organization. This technology also benefits students and administrators. Let’s explore the top benefits GreekXperience technology has on your campus.


Benefits for Greek Organizations and Fraternity Councils


GreekXperience has tools to help Greek organizations target their recruiting more precisely. One of the most common problems with fraternities is low member retention. This often occurs when recruitment isn’t sufficiently selective. Not all students are a good match for every fraternity. GreekXperience lets you sift through student data to help you better understand the interests and demographics of your campus.


This technology also helps you better manage your budget and resources by tracking the changing interests of fraternity members. It provides you with insights on how to improve engagement. GreekXperience essentially lets you tap into the power of data to help make recruitment and managing your organization more efficient.


Benefits for Students


Students face many challenges when it comes to finding the best ways to spend their time on campus. Many students want to find out more about Greek life but don’t know which organization is right for them. Students are often recruited based on a single conversation with a fraternity recruiter or reading some literature. While this sometimes works out, if the student and fraternity aren’t a good match, this leads to mutual disappointment.


Students often drop out of fraternities or end up being unengaged or apathetic members. GreekXperience gives students a proprietary algorithm to find the right match. This technology is especially useful on campuses where there are many Greek organizations. It saves students time and helps them clarify which fraternities are most worth their time.


Benefits for Administrators and Advisors


Greek organizations play an important role on many campuses. When students join fraternities that foster their growth and help them enjoy campus life, everyone benefits. GreekXperience fosters an environment where Greek life runs smoothly and organizations use resources more efficiently. This technology gives administrators and advisors a resource to guide students and organizations alike to help make everyone’s college experience more satisfying.


Features of GreekXperience


GreekXperience has a number of features that help students, Greek organizations, and administrators.


  • Matching Platform – Matching algorithms help students identify the best fraternities or sororities based on interests and aptitudes.
  • Roster Management – Eliminates the need for tedious paperwork by digitizing data.
  • New Member Insights – Helps organizations track new members to help improve retention and future recruiting.
  • Electronic Bid Process – Simplifies recruitment and allows you to collect relevant data about members.
  • KPI Tracking – Use key performance indicators to ensure your recruiting efforts are efficient and targeted towards the right potential members.
  • Event Management – Manage invitations and promotion of events for a better turnout.


These are just some of the features that make GreekXperience an effective tool for modern campuses. It’s actually a comprehensive service that offers customized options based on the needs of students and organizations.


Bringing Modern Technology to Greek Recruitment


Even with all of the recent technological advancements, recruitment methods used by most Greek organizations are mostly outdated. Similarly, students must consider different fraternities without much real information. GreekXperience brings the latest technology to campuses, giving people access to accurate and useful data. This benefits everyone and helps Greek organizations maintain a more positive presence on campuses.


To learn more about how GreekXperience technology can help with your recruiting efforts, contact us.

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