Being part of a Greek fraternity enriches the college experience. There is connection, community outreach, supporting school spirit, and events – the list goes on! When you join a fraternity, you are joining a brotherhood built on respect, connection, and comradery. The bond can inspire brothers to be the best athletes, students, and overall people they can be. There is another benefit to pledging to a Greek fraternity, though. This benefit extends beyond campus and into an ambitious, entrepreneurial world where anything is possible. What you learn in Greek life can reach into your professional life in ways you may not expect.

Creativity and Imagination Play a Big Role

Planning and executing a bid day, conceptualizing the latest fundraiser, and designing any of the shirt schwag that goes with the territory – that all takes creativity. So does starting and managing a small business. Conceptualizing a business takes time, attention to detail, and sharp imagination, just like coordinating events for fraternity houses. But that’s not all. Even after a successful launch, small businesses require another kind of creativity: problem-solving. There is at least one surprise waiting for you every day you run a business, some big and some small. The same way you would adjust on-the-fly to an outdoor fundraiser suddenly bombarded with rain, apply your quick thinking to business shocks.

Collaboration Is King

When you live and work with all your brothers, you learn a thing or two about communicating. You’ll also learn to collaborate and conceptualize as a unit. All that time spent coordinating events, fundraisers, bid days, pledges, and other events can apply to running a small business. That’s because you will have your own “house” to build from the ground up! You will be working with different people from all walks of life, all boasting their own unique skills. The communication and collaboration skills you learn in a fraternity house can help you get everyone on the same page and connect you with the workforce you build.

A Sense of Community

A Greek fraternity is not just a brotherhood; it is a community. Beyond your house, there’s the rest of your Greek network throughout campus. There are the organizations on- and off-campus you support, as well. Giving back to your brothers and individuals within your neighboring organizations directly translates into the small business mindset. Cultivating this care for your community looks different beyond campus, but the same characteristics are ever-present. Those organizations and coordinators become stakeholders like vendors, investors, or partners, and of course: customers! These are major, foundational building blocks to maintaining your future healthy and inclusive business.

School Spirit, Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fraternities and Greek life are built-in communities and families through the college experience. There is what you learn in class, and there is what you learn among your brothers. All of this learning can directly apply to your ambitions, creativity, and boundless goals. Between current members and alumni, there is a wealth of mentorship, experience, and enthusiastic support just waiting to be tapped. What an incredible gift it is to see how your own school spirit can become the entrepreneurial spirit with help, guidance, and encouragement from family.

Get Them to the Greek!

GreekXperience is a one-of-a-kind platform built exclusively for Greek life, Greek houses, or even college life. Current members and chapters can also utilize GreekXperience to manage chapter dues and other similar collection accounting. GreekXperience knows how important Greek life can be for students. It is a great way to meet and make new friends, give back to your community within and beyond campus, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join today to discover the benefits tomorrow!


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